How Light Affects Your Work Productivity

How Light Affects Your Work Productivity

As a business owner, you know lighting is an important component of your overall operation, but you may not be aware of just important it is for your staff. While proper lighting is important to ensure visibility, it can also greatly impact the moods and permanence of your employees. Did you know that a study performed by the American Society of Interior Design found that an astounding 68 percent of workers complain about lighting in their work area? Let's take a closer look at how light affects your work productivity to get a better understanding of the matter.

When looking at the complaints from employees related to the lighting, there are a few main concerns. For starters, employees are more productive when they are happy and comfortable in their surroundings. Employees report that ample lighting is important, especially for task-based productivity, but it is about more than just having a bright light overhead in the form of general lighting. In today's workplace, more and more employees are looking for control and that expands to the lighting situation as well. Today's worker enjoys having at least some form of lighting they can control. This can be task lighting at their individual desk that they can turn on and off as needed or the ability to dim lights in their office to adjust the light needs for reading based task versus screen tasks to avoid eye strain. If you give your staff some control over the lighting situation in their office, desk, or area of work, it will give them a boost of control and comfort to help them achieve a more productive performance.

Another thing to look at in how light affects your work productivity is the color temperature. Humans are incredibly sensitive to daylight. In fact, it should come as no surprise that our built-in internal sleep and waking clocks, also called the circadian rhythm, are directly related to sunlight. With the modern worker spending the majority of their day indoors, how does this play into artificial lighting and impact productivity? The color temperature of the sun is what helps us stay alert and productive during waking hours while the changing of that temperature into the eventual absence of sunlight helps us to wind down internally and prepare for a night of rest. Artificial lighting can mimic this to great effect to aid in productivity. For example, if you were to light your business with lights only in the yellow color temperature, your staff would be relaxed and less productive because this mimics the golden hour at the end of the day before sunset. With a cooler temperature closer to the white end of the color temperature spectrum, you can mimic natural sunlight during waking hours to ensure employees are awake and alert enough to help with their productivity levels. Of course, finding the right temperature for the space will depend on how much natural sunlight is available and the unique logistics of your location. Achieving the right lighting in terms of color temperature, coupled with giving employees more control over the lighting in general, can result in a boost in productivity and happier workers for a win-win!

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