How to Retrofit Movie Theater Lighting

How to Retrofit Movie Theater Lighting

A movie theater is a location where lighting is essential to the atmosphere. Aside from helping to set the relaxing mood, the right lighting is crucial for ensuring a comfortable lighting level that achieves the right balance of visibility for safety and gentleness for the comfort of eyes. For most movie theaters, doing a complete overhaul of the lighting solutions can be a big line item that eats into a budget. With a few tips on how to retrofit movie theater lighting, there is no need to go overboard on changing the lighting system. Here are 4 tips on how to retrofit movie theater lighting to help you achieve your lighting goals.

1. Think smaller rather than larger.

Since many movie theaters are still operating with large, bulky fixtures such as fluorescent troffers, in the lobby area, the first place to start is in this area. The lobby is a notable part for customers and can have an impact on their spending on concessions. The goal is to create lighting that is brighter near the counter, but dimmer and more relaxed in the surrounding areas leading up to it. This will create a relaxed sense with the brighter lighting level near the food area showing the establishment has nothing to hide in terms of cleanliness where it matters most. Consider replacing most of the troffer lighting fixtures with recessed cam lights. This type of lighting plan helps to create a more relaxing vibe.

2. Upgrade troffers with more efficient solutions.

Tube lighting and troffers have been a fact of lighting design for decades and they show no signs of disappearing from the lighting landscape. While they are a staple, there are still ways to retrofit them to meet the needs of your location and budget. For example, most troffers use compact fluorescents. While CFLs are decent in terms of efficiency since they operate without the use of heat to create visible light, LED technology has definitely surpassed CFL in terms of performance and energy savings. LED troffer lights are a great way to save on utility costs since they consume lower watts of energy during operation while still giving the same, or even better, lumen output.

3. Switch to dimmable solutions.

A dimmable lighting solution is a great way to have more control over lighting in a movie theater setting. This is a retrofit that will not only help with ambiance but also help to reduce the energy costs since less energy will be consumed with most solutions. While most theaters utilize dimmable lighting in the auditorium, it can be quite useful in other areas as well. For instance, installing dimmable lighting in the lobby area will allow you to adjust lighting based on the time of day when dealing with natural light.

4. Install timers.

When the end of the night happens, employees are often tired and forgetful. When lights are placed on timers, the scenario of accidentally leaving lights on when closed for business is removed altogether. Timers are one of the easiest ways to save on energy costs and they are easy to install.

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