Hyperikon LED Lights Warranty | What Happened to Hyperikon?

Hyperikon is out of business. Here’s what we know. 

Key Points

  • Hyperikon has closed its business and website without leaving any contact details or mention of the news or details on their Facebook page.
  • Customers across the U.S. with warranty issues can no longer file claims.

What Happened to Hyperikon?

Hyperikon shut its doors on June 30, 2021. Unfortunately, customers with warranty issues can no longer receive the help they need. Since their customer service is permanently closed, anyone with defective lights will not be able to get tech help or replacements.

 Is Hyperikon out of business?

Yes. In spring 2021, Warehouse Lighting started taking on Hyperikon customers. We've been in business for over 16 years and provide the confidence customers need to trust product warranties. According to suppliers of Hyperikon, bills were unpaid, employees were let go, and the Website was shut down. Due to Covid-19 related issues and a large warranty backlog on their high bay light fixtures, Hyperikon wasn’t able to sustain the business.

What are my options if I have defective lights from Hyperikon?

If you have purchased items from Hyperikon that are in-warranty and not working properly, your best option is to purchase new LED lights from a reputable company such as Warehouse Lighting, who has experience in the commercial, residential, and industrial lighting industry. Call us today: 888-454-4480 Our sales team are all lighting specialist that will help you find the right solution.

Here at Warehouse-Lighting, we've been in business for 16+ years and back our products with a standard 5-year warranty. We have welcomed hundreds of former Hyperikon customers onto our platform and are happy to help others. During the pandemic, we have only gotten stronger. We have increased our inventory of High Bay LED Lights, LED Shop Lights, Gooseneck and Barn Lights, LED Light Bulbs, and LED Retrofit Kits & Lights while keeping our enduring commitment to best-in-class quality.

 How Warehouse Lighting can help you

For large fixtures, we may have LED drivers available to help fix your light fixture. A quick way to see if your driver is the issue is to check if all the LEDs are doing the same thing. If all the LEDs are dim, flickering, or out then it’s a driver. LEDs will not all fail that evenly. If a few LEDs on the board are dead, then the board is bad and you will have to junk the fixture. For T8 and other LED bulbs, this is not an option. The driver is not replaceable, so it’s junk either way.

Bulbs will always have to be entirely replaced. Fixtures under $75 are typically not worth trying to repair. The drivers are not commonly available on under 75-watt fixtures, so the fixture may be non-serviceable. If a fixture’s LEDs are bad, those can’t be replaced and the fixture would have to be replaced entirely.

Our commitment to value & quality

While our lights may cost a bit more than other cheap brands, the quality of our LED drivers and LEDs ensure we don't have the failure rate that will cause problems later on. Even the lights that we put into service 5 years ago (our typical warranty length) are still not failing and the quality we offer has only increased. Our best-selling NextGen Series went from a V series 7 years ago to a VA series 3 years ago to a VP series in the NextGen III. While it costs us more, customers who value quality appreciate it. Can you imagine adding hundreds of warehouse lighting to have to change them out every year? This wont happen with our lights.

Contact Warehouse Lighting today

For anyone starting a new lighting project, our expert designers are here to help you plan from the beginning. If you’re looking for new light fixtures or a solution for your failed Hyperikon products, give us a call at 888-454-4480. We are happy to help!