Daylight Saving Time LED Lighting Solutions

Office Lighting

Make this Fall and Winter the Brightest Best Yet with Our Indoor Lighting Options.

When the lighting in the office is clean and inviting, people stay engaged and energized. Our LED solutions offer plentiful light and outstanding efficiency, and with our experts in your corner, we can help you make sure that your lights have the right color temperature to make people work comfortably (see CCT or Correlated Color Temperature in the product descriptions).

Our Flat Panel LED fixtures will give you those clean mid-century modern lines, but with a vastly improved energy usage, light diffusion, and visibility. Selectable Wattage and CCT enable you to get the perfect amount of illumination and color temperature for the work at hand.

Linear Suspended LED’s are perfect to bring the work even closer, and offer the same clean lines and that sophisticated, minimalist touch. Lumens for these fixtures come in a wide range and again CCT’s can be adjusted to your specific needs. 4’ and 8’ length fixture lengths are also complimented by various shape layouts (squares, X’s) — and of course any patterns you can establish via placement and alignments. Let our designers be your guide, and our lights will show the way.

Warehouse and Production Facilities

Efficient workspace and production area lighting is critical year round, and the change of seasons may hinder those areas, especially if they usually benefit from natural light. When daylight fades and you find you need more light, consider bringing in Linear High Bay lighting solutions for superior coverage and durability in a wide variety of workspace conditions. UFO High Bay lighting uses the power of LED’s to get great coverage.

As Verified Buyer Peak E commented after a recent purchase: "These 150 watt UFO lights were purchased to be a direct replacement for 400 watt metal halide fixtures, they did not disappoint at all. The install went smooth, they look great…." UFO LED's offer tremendous flexibility in placement and power, and they are incredibly durable and efficient.

Warehouse Lighting and Production Facilities LED Lights

Value Engineering - Analyze Design for Function

Some facilities end up with hodge-podge lighting layouts due to a "replace only when worn out" approach to lighting. You may make a larger investment up front, but looking at your facility as a whole, or in integrated sections like office and work areas, will get you the best results. This enables you to bring together the best combination of fixtures and controls to make your facility as attractive, reliable, safe, and conducive to good solid teamwork as possible.

Daylight Savings LED Light Solutions

LED lights offer the best daylight savings in the workplace. During this transitional time of year, as the days grow shorter, it's a great time to examine both your exterior and interior lighting. Reach out and we can help you get the right amount of light, the right intensity, color, diffusion, energy use and durability for all your applications. Then bring on those falling leaves and early evenings — we’re ready for them when you are!

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