Necessity of Emergency Lighting

Necessity of Emergency Lighting

In any public building, you will find emergency lighting in place. This type of lighting solution serves several important purposes to ensure a safe outcome for employees and patrons of the business alike. Here are a few reasons the necessity of emergency lighting should never be overlooked in a public building.

1. OSHA requirements

One of the biggest reasons to consider the necessity of emergency lighting is because is a requirement by OSHA. All public buildings are required to have emergency lighting by law to ensure the safety of the employees and the general public. Whether it's a movie theater, mall, or local office building, OSHA has strict regulations regarding emergency lighting in the form of exit signs and walkways leading to the exits.

2. Reduces panic

A great reason to have emergency lighting is because it reduces panic in the event of an emergency. Since the system is rigged to turn on in the event of a power outage or in reaction to a fire alarm, there will naturally be some panic as people rush to get out of the building. Emergency lighting helps people stay levelheaded as they make their way to a clearly marked exit as opposed to struggling in the dark to find a way out.

3. Allows for timely evacuations

Another reason there is a necessity of emergency lighting is that it allows for timely evacuations. In an emergency situation, especially a fire, time is crucial and there is not a moment to spare. If people have a hard time finding the exit, it will take longer for them to safely exit the building which is why emergency lighting is crucial for timely evacuations. This is especially important in larger locations where the exit door may be down a hallway or stairwell to ensure proper lighting to lead them to the final exit out of the building.

4. Aids rescue personnel

In an emergency situation, rescue personnel will likely be headed into the building as patrons and employees are making their way out. These backup emergency lights are crucial for first responders to be able to safely navigate the building and help anyone else to get out of the building safely.

5. Works for a range of situations

The emergency lights can be set to come on in a few different scenarios where this type of lighting is key to people safely exiting the building. While we most commonly think of it for fires, power outages caused by storms is another reason this type of lighting is crucial to a public building. Even in the unfortunate event of an active shooter scenario or similar threat, police may activate these lights as a means to guide people out safely.

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