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Commercial Emergency Lights & Backup Lighting 

Emergency lights have one primary purpose: to promptly get people out of your building in case of a problem. Problems that trigger the emergency lights would be power outages, blackouts, fires, lightning strikes, or any problem that causes a power failure in a building. Emergency light fixtures from Warehouse Lighting are available with emergency backup batteries or remote capable emergency lights in your choice of colors to accommodate your space with ease and affordability.

Types of Emergency Lights For A Commercial Business

There are several types of emergency light fixtures for different mounting applications. These types consist of wall-mounted exit signs, recessed drop ceiling exit signs and emergency lights, or ceiling mounted exit lighting. These emergency lights are made to last for a long time with their quality construction and durable materials such as tempered glass lenses and aluminum housings.

Considerations For Emergency Light Fixtures:

  • Number of lamps - The number of lamps in backup emergency lights is of critical importance. You want to consider the size of the space and the foot candle created by each head, and the directional reach of the light spread. For a light to be adequate and increase safety, it needs to offer enough visibility for people to safely navigate hallways or spaces to find the exit. A single fixture with triple directional heads can achieve the proper illumination levels or by placing several double or even single head units throughout the space. The key is to ensure the right foot candle per square foot for the area. Generally, codes denote at least one-foot candle per square foot but keep in mind that may not be enough for all patrons to see adequately, so consider aiming for more if possible. Most codes stipulate you can go up to but not exceed 40-foot candles per square foot.
  • Lamp type - The type of bulb also matters in choosing emergency backup lights. Incandescent is an acceptable option since these lights won't receive constant use, but LED is a step up since it offers a more vibrant ultra bright light for better visibility. LED also provides a flicker-free option which can help with visibility over other options.
  • Operation - The operation matters for this type of lighting. Since these lights are utilized during power outages, they need to have a backup power source or be battery operated. While most units can be set to operate when the power is still on through a remote or button, the battery option ensures they will come on in the event of power loss which is essential.
  • Mount - While most units are wall-mounted options, a few recessed options add to your choices. A wall mount is easy to install and ensures you can place it pretty much anywhere. A recessed option gives a cleaner appearance but will require more care when placing the fixture to ensure proper placement. The type of mount will depend primarily on personal preference and aesthetics.
  • Know the codes - You must know the codes for emergency lighting before purchasing. This will help you determine how many lights or remote heads you need overall. For example, there are building fire codes and regulations regarding the right foot candle, how long the light can operate without power, backup systems when maintenance is being performed on primary emergency lights, and more. These codes all vary based on your business's state, so make sure you check before purchasing.

We offer both single head for smaller areas and double head options for emergency backup lights to provide even more illumination for larger spaces. Choose from a wide range of wattages, lumen outputs, volts, battery backup, and more to find an exit sign and emergency lighting that is right for your needs. All emergency lights come with a battery, and at the first sign of an outage will kick on for an extended amount of time, usually about 90 minutes by code.

We even have recessed models for a clean look that still offers the safety you need! With their automatic operation, you never need to worry about the safety of customers or employees in terms of proper lighting during an emergency. These lights can give you the peace of mind you need. Add one of these powerful illumination options to your location today!

At, we are honored to be your source for all your commercial and industrial lighting needs. With an inventory featuring the leading names in the lighting industry and affordable prices, you will find the perfect solution for your location and particular needs. If you have any questions about the products we proudly offer, our team of lighting experts would be happy to assist you further while shopping with us. Call, chat, or order online today to add some powerful lighting to your building.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Lights

What are Emergency Lights?

Emergency Lights are used to provide backup lighting in a power disruption. They enhance the safety and security by illuminating rooms and hallways of a building in the case of an emergency. Here are some examples of what emergency lights look like:

Where are Emergency Lights used?

Emergency Lights are used just about everywhere. They are required in any public space in the United States. Among these places are schools, offices, retail stores, government buildings, gymnasiums, movie theaters and sports stadiums. Below are some example places where emergency lights are used:

What are the different types of Emergency Lights?

Emergency Lights have several different characteristics:

  • Most are listed for damp locations. Wet listed Emergency Lights can be used in outdoor applications.
  • There are generally two mounting options. Most are surface mounted to walls or ceilings, but some can be recessed mounted to drywall or drop ceilings.
  • Emergency Lights have one, two or three light heads, depending on the amount of space that needs to be illuminated. These heads are usually adjustable so that they can be properly aimed to the proper direction.
  • Remote heads allow for control of emergency lights from a long distance and are used in conjunction with remote capable exit signs or emergency lights.

What are the benefits of LED Emergency Lights?

LED lighting technology provides much more powerful illumination than other available options. This is critical in an emergency. They also have a longer life and consume less energy which saves on energy costs and is less of a drain on backup batteries.