RAB Lighting LED Pole Mount Circular Area Light

RAB Lighting LED Pole Mount Circular Area Light

Product Review

Outdoor lighting is essential to any space. Whether commercial or residential, having the right lighting solutions for outdoor areas can improve visibility and remove concerns of accidents. With the pole mounted circular area light from RAB Lighting, you get dependable performance and an exceptional lighting solution that meets a range of needs.

What Is It?

The circular area light from RAB Lighting is a pole mounted fixture for outdoor spaces outfitted with the impressive capability of LED lighting technology. It is certified DLC and UL listed for wet locations making it durable enough to handle the outdoor elements without damage. They are ideal for parking lots, parks, and retail settings.

What Are the Features?

This outdoor lighting solution features the high standards of design and construction expected from this reputable brand name in the industry. The fixture provides a uniform scope of lighting that offers 360-degree illumination. The powerful illumination reach stems from the circular design which makes it great for larger outdoor areas without sacrificing on powerful illumination. The design also features air-flow fins throughout for improved heat dissipation. This versatile model is available in a variety of options including your choice of 52 watts or 78 watts, depending on your needs. The higher the watts, the higher the lumen output with the 52W unit offering upwards of 4877 lumens and the 78W unit offering upwards of 7021 lumens. Both watt specifications offer impressively low wattage consumption with great lumen output so you get an efficient and low-cost lighting solution. The best thing about LED solutions, aside from the consistently high-performing lumen output, is the longevity. These LEDs offer an average life rating of 100,000 hours for an impressive and cost-effective lighting product. This model offers CRI results ranging from 64 to 82, depending on the model, as well as CCT results ranging from 3000K to 5000K. Made to be as stylish as they are practical, these lighting solutions are available in your choice of bronze or white finish, and they feature a sleek deign with a modern touch to keep up with the times.

Final Thoughts

This is a reliable outdoor solution. It has the best of stylish appeal needed for commercial and retail locations equally balanced with the high levels of performance you expect of LED lighting solutions.

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