Smart Bluetooth Wireless Mesh Networks

Smart Bluetooth Wireless Mesh Networks offers a Bluetooth mesh wireless lighting control system to manage up to 100 fixtures on the same mesh network. This lighting system utilizes reliable and secure Bluetooth technology to help consumers conserve energy and provide them with a convenient, innovative lighting experience.

The new Bluetooth low energy (BLE) collection includes the following products:

This Bluetooth Mesh Power Pack is a BLE based smart lighting system. It has APP for both IOS and Android devices to manage and operate the BLE smart lamps and devices by smart phone. A Wireless Bluetooth wall switch is also available for additional needs.

These products can be easily programmed and controlled with the Keilton app for IOS and Android to work seamlessly with other models in a Bluetooth control system. The app gives users the ability to do a number of things like create stored settings for fixtures, manage large networks, group power packs and more.

Since 2017, the Bluetooth mesh lighting standard has gained momentum in professional lighting applications. As the first low-power communication technology, it is a powerful solution to the challenging requirements of wireless lighting control: reliability, scalability and simplicity.