Garage Lighting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Garage Lighting [INFOGRAPHIC]

The most important part of garage lighting is the overhead fixture. This is the main light source for most garages.

Choose a high lumen output. The lumen output is essentially how bright the fixture is so make sure you choose a high enough lumen for the provided space. Depending on the size of your garage, stick with a lumen output range of about 1000-3000 lumens. If the space is larger, you will need a higher lumen output.

Choose a cooler color temperature. Color temperature is the tone of the light in terms of yellow (warm) or white (cool). Since this is an area where visibility is important, you should stick with a cooler temperature over a warmer one. Try to aim for a range of 3000K to 3500K for the best results.

Choose the right type. For the overhead fixture, you should choose an option that is recessed into the ceiling if possible, such as troffer fixtures with tube lamps. This ensures the fixture will be safe from damages and you will keep the overhead space clearer. If you must go with a type other than recessed troffer due to the construction of the garage, opt for a garage door opening with attached light fixture since it will usually be made out of extra durable polycarbonate.

Task and Accent Lighting

While general lighting is crucial, task and accent lighting work with it to create a better illumination plan with layered effects. Here are a few ways to incorporate this type of lighting.

Add rope lighting. This type of lighting can be used along the bottom of shelving units to help you see items as well as make it clear on the floor where the shelf starts to avoid stubbed toes or accidents. Rope lighting can also be used under cabinets to add extra illumination where needed.

Use under cabinet strip lighting. When trying to light under cabinets, strip lights are a great addition. They add to the general lighting of the space while also giving you more focused task lighting for works paces in the garage.

Add recessed can lights. When looking to add task lighting or even a little ambiance lighting, can lights are a popular choice. You can add this type of light to an area in the garage where tasks will be performed or use it to line the perimeter of the space for added illumination.