Rules Regarding Safety Lighting and Bulbs

Rules Regarding Safety Lighting and Bulbs

There are a lot of different types of lighting solutions on today's market. This is why it is useful to shop for lighting based on category or type to ensure the right outcome. For example, even in the type of safety lighting and bulbs, there are subcategories. Let's take a look at the rules regarding safety lighting and bulbs to know when and where to use certain applications.


When shopping for safety lighting and bulbs, there are a few things to keep in mind in general.

  • Know the laws. While many people think of OSHA as only governing over emergency and exit lighting, they also have standards for other areas of lighting in workplaces. Many of these standards are related to indoor artificial lighting, but there may be a few on outdoor safety lighting so it is best to check with OSHA when planning safety lighting.
  • Shop for quality. Since most safety lighting is exposed to the outdoor elements, you need to shop for quality. This means choosing fixtures with durable housings, well gasketed lenses, and sturdy lenses. You should look for polycarbonate lenses and vandal-proof fixtures for the best results.
  • Check the ratings. When shopping for safety lighting, the ratings are the key to making the right choice. For example, most safety lighting will have ratings related to dust so you can choose the right one for the needs of the location. There will also be ratings for damp or wet locations which is crucial for outdoor safety lighting. When it comes to rules regarding safety lighting and bulbs, checking the ratings is key to success.

Dusk to Dawn Lights

The rules of dusk to dawn safety lights are pretty straightforward. They should be used for exterior lighting from sunset to sunrise. This type of safety lighting helps prevent crime by eliminating dark areas where criminals go unnoticed. It also provides ample lighting for employees entering or exiting the building to avoid accidents caused by lack of visibility.

There is a rule about this type of lighting for businesses in coastal areas. Businesses in coastal areas are required to use amber dusk to dawn lights to avoid interfering with the nesting habits of sea turtles.

Dock Lights

Dock lights are used near docks and above doorways. They are especially well suited for wet and damp areas when rated as such and they provide ample lighting for receiving deliveries at a backdoor. This type of lighting is concentrated and should be used in areas where such an illumination source is necessary to avoid flooding the area with harsh lighting. For example, you wouldn't want to use this fixture type in a stairwell or other tight space.

Shatterproof Bulbs

There are few rules regarding safety bulbs as to their placement. This type of bulb is however better suited to certain areas over others such as commercial kitchens, areas with high levels of heat or moisture, and areas where shattered glass poses a greater risk. A shatterproof bulb has a special safety coating that keeps the glass shards together in the event of the bulb breaking.

Stairwell Lighting

Stairwell lighting is one of the most important safety lighting types because a stairwell can be a place of danger without proper lighting. The main rules regarding this type of lighting is that it needs to be bright enough to provide proper illumination and placed in a high up location to provide ample light spread. It should also be tamper-proof to avoid any issues. You also want to pay attention to glares if it is an open stairwell in a parking lot to avoid any accidents from blinding drivers.

Wall Pack/Perimeter Lighting

The use of wall pack or perimeter safety lighting is important for any business. The rules regarding this lighting solution are to make sure it is outdoor rated, bright enough to cast a bright light, and placed in a way that prevents rather than encourages shadows. This type of lighting should especially be used above sidewalks by placing it on the wall of the exterior of the building. You can also use these solutions for areas above a doorway or entrance to provide extra illumination for the safety of patrons and staff.

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