Leviton Presents: What's in the box for the Leviton Provolt (ODC) Occupancy Sensor?

Leviton Occupancy Sensor. Learn how to configure the dials on a Leviton Provolt (ODC) Occupancy Sensor

The new Leviton Provolt (ODC) Series combine line voltage occupancy sensor, power pack and photocell technology into a simple, self-contained energy management solution in one!

The integrated design eliminates the need for separate power pack and occupancy sensor wiring making it a low-cost, easy-to-install, energy efficient solution for new construction and retrofits. An integrated photocell provides true Daylight Harvesting applications delivering savings on labor, time and materials.

The Provolt (ODC) Series simplifies energy management with an easy to install self-contained solution:

Includes occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and manual-ON/auto-OFF override control in a single unit

Integrates line voltage occupancy sensor and photocell technology - no power pack required

  • Eliminates separate power pack and occupancy sensor wiring for saving in labor, time and material
  • Provides additional energy savings with true Daylight Harvesting capabilities
  • Auto-adapting - time delay and sensitivity are continually adjusted to occupancy pattern of use
  • Configurable for Manual ON/Auto OFF or Auto ON/Auto OFF 
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Industry-exclusive self-configuring local manual switch input supports momentary and maintained switches
  • Manual switch and emergency override are Class 1 and Class 2 circuits
  • Industry-exclusive "fail-safe" circuitry assures lights ON to meet life safety requirements
  • Industry-exclusive High Inrush Stability (H.I.S.) technology designed to handle high inrush electronic ballast loads and offer unmatched durability and service
  • Robust and reliable mechanically held 10A latching relay provides dependability and robust performance for all load types and provides energy savings over electronically held relays
  • Zero-crossing circuitry for extended life of the relay
  • Test Mode for simplified commissioning
  • Visual LED status indicators
  • Mid-range, high density, and extended range lenses are easily replaceable and color-coded for easy visual identification from the ground
  • Occupancy sensor models with Daylight Harvesting capabilities include multi-technology, ultrasonic, and passive infrared
  • Vacancy sensor models available (no daylight harvesting capabilities)
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