WareLight LED Dusk to Dawn Fixture

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In some areas, you specifically need lights only for nighttime operation. WareLight’s LED dusk to dawn fixture is a fantastic option. This fixture comes standard with a mounting arm, and photocell controller in both 42 and 58 Watt. What that means is the photocell senses sunlight during the day, which automatically turns the light off saving energy.

At dusk the sensor turns the fixture back on for you enabling it to operate all night long without stressing your energy bill. Using powerful LEDs, the dusk to dawn fixture emits up to 4,400 lumens of natural white illumination. Its LEDs are designed to last for a minimum of 50,000 hours.

Constructed with a rust and corrosion proof heavy-duty cast aluminum housing. Their durable construction provides a great level of reliability in any situation, making them perfect for outdoor use. With resistance to weather and debris, they will function for years to come.

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