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4 Ft Wraparound Lights 

As one of the more cost-efficient lighting options for commercial and industrial applications, wrap lights are a popular choice for many different settings. With their increased illumination output thanks in part to their thoughtful design focusing on linear prisms, wrap lights are ideal for locations ranging from shopping malls to college classrooms. There are two main types of wrap lights to choose from, as well as typical sizes. Narrow-based lights feature a tapering design while their counterpart, referred to as wide base, have a wider or semi-recessed profile. Both options offer superior performance and exceptional illumination perfect for a variety of settings.

Our inventory of 4-foot wrap lights features the latest in technology and design from the leading names in the industry, such as Saylite, ILP, and WareLight, for a lighting solution you can trust. We offer high-quality 4-foot wrap lights with normal, program start, and high factor ballasts, as well as shallow and deep models, to make sure you get the fixture ideal for your location and needs. All of the 4-foot wrap lights we offer have been manufactured with durability in mind with such sturdy construction details as a steel body, secured mounts, and powdered coating. Our lights are also UL and CL listed, as well as complying with federal energy efficiency standards, for lighting solutions guaranteed for great performance. Many of the 4-foot wrap lights offer easy installation and can be installed with a variety of mounting options, including AYC chain mount, EYE chain mount, and ceiling mount, to ensure proper fitting for your location.

Choose from a range of wattage capacities, as well as number of lamps, to achieve the right amount of illumination needed for your individual space. We also offer LED versions of this lighting option for those looking for the energy saving power of LED lighting. Many of these exceptional lighting solutions are offered with a 5-year warranty to ensure complete satisfaction with the fixture. At Warehouse Lighting, we care about value. Our goal is to bring you the finest options available in terms of affordability without scarifying the long-lasting quality you deserve. Call or order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 4 Foot Wrap Lights?

The 4 Foot Wrap Light is one of the most common fixtures used for commercial purposes. The lens that wraps around the light source reduces glare and disperses the light over a large area. This makes it easy on the eye and efficient way to light a large area.

Where are 4 Foot Wrap Lights used?

The 4 Foot Wrap Lights can be used in several places. They are commonly seen in commercial and office buildings. They can also be found in hospitals, schools, classrooms and hallways.

What are the different types of 4 Foot Wrap Lights?

The 4 Foot Wrap Light is often found with one of the 2 common styles: a fixture with a narrow base and a tapered profile or a fixture with a wider base and rounded lens. The illumination from the fixture can come from integrated LED’s, LED tubes or fluorescent tubes.