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Corn Cob LED Bulbs 

When looking for lighting that gives the best in all-around output for maximum light dispersion, a corn light is a great solution. Designed to offer light that is more focused and dispersed from all angles, 3000k and 5000k LED corn light bulbs give the best of a high performing light emitting diode lamp coupled with a smart design for maximum output in an energy-efficient package.

About LED Corn Bulbs

A few reasons why people choose this type of lamp is because most models can be installed without the added need of a ballast and they offer an average of 75% more illumination over older HID counterparts. They can be used in a variety of settings and applications which only adds to their versatility overall. Here are a few other great things about LED corn lights worth knowing.

  • This type of lamp is different from a typical bulb in its design. It isn't a hollow bulb which is vulnerable to breakage caused by vibration or impacts. The sturdy center makes it incredibly durable and long lasting.
  • LED lamps, in general, produce a low to no heat outcome which can serve a few purposes. Not only does it help to keep the area from becoming heated by way of lighting, it also protects the life of the fixture and driver because heat can be one of the biggest culprits in these areas.
  • LED of any sort offers better color rendering indexes and a wide range of available color temperatures. This is important because the right CRI and color temperature play a role in how the eye perceives the lighting and we all know lighting plays a role in the human sleep rhythm and even our moods, so this certainly worth considering.
We offer a diverse selection of LED corn light bulbs for your needs. With a range of voltages available including 120, 277, and an option with a voltage of 100-277 in one selection, finding the right choice has never been easier. Many of these LED corn light bulbs are specified to replace certain HID lamp wattages. Whether looking for an option to replace a 70W metal halide lamp or an option to replace a 100W HID lamp, our selection of LED corn lights has something to meet every need in this area of illumination. One of the best things about LED that influences people to make the switch is that an LED uses a lower wattage to create comparative or higher lumen output than other bulbs. With options for LED lighting ranging from 18W to 120W, find an energy efficient option without compromising on your needs for proper illumination. Another great thing about LED is the impressive lifespan of the bulb itself. With most of these choices lasting up to 50,000 hours, they are a drastic improvement over bulbs which only offer around 10,000 hours of reliable illumination before burning out. Add one of these reliable options to your lighting fixture today and experience a better way to light up a space.