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Espen Lighting & Technology 

When it comes to LED and fluorescent light technology, Espen Technology is the industry leader. Known far and wide for their line of reliable, energy-efficient products made for residential, commercial, industrial, and warehouse use, Espen Technology is ready to serve its customers reliably and efficiently. Espen Technology offers a variety of products that all boast efficient design and award-winning construction. When producing their products, the brand has always prided itself on its sustainable approach to all things lighting and energy. They’ve sought to create efficient, reliable products that are easy for users to learn and they’ve succeeded.

Aside from the Espen ballast, the company also makes LED drivers, lighting fixtures and control panels, and CFLs. You can trust this brand to always be on the cutting edge of technology. They also have replacement kits for various models and a variety of important accessories, including retroflex LED tubes and high-efficiency equipment designed for high-output electrical needs.

Whether you’re outfitting a residential or a commercial setting, this is one company you can rely on to provide every fixture you could ever need. From fixtures to accessories and everything in between, this brand is dedicated to high-quality, user-friendly, innovative products that fulfill their purposes effectively. To learn more about these products or to purchase them for your home or business, contact our sales representatives. We are dedicated to stocking top Espen Technology products and designs, and we are certain that we can help you find something you love without all of the hassles of trial and error.

Simply call or email us during business hours to find out more about the Espen Technology products we stock and how we can help you find the perfect fixtures to handle all of your lighting and illumination needs.