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LED Mirrors 

LED mirrors are an excellent addition to any upscale home. These decorative mirrors excel in top of the line quality, features, and appearance. Our mirrors with led lights enhance the design of any room and other functional applications.

Our LED Mirrors are a fantastic method for improving the lighting of an area is by reflecting it. An option people do not often consider, mirrors can help provide additional visibility to any room by complementing the light fixtures you already own and have installed. Not only is this perfect for adding an extra touch of style and decor to a room, but it can also help you fit extra visibility in a tight space. They take up much less room than typical light fixtures, so they are a great option to utilize when you are short on space.

We have dozens of options that will help you get the right fit for your area while also allowing you to find a style that looks fantastic and spices up your space with ease. Choose from many different shapes and designs to find the right match for your taste. We have decorative mirrors in circular, square, and rectangular designs with various trim and finish options. From natural wood finish to precious metals like silver and gold, there is something to please everyone.

Whether you want a traditional style that uses a standard shape with a border finish or want a mirror that has a distinct and unique design like sunburst, vines, or archway, there is a design for any theme. Let us help you find the perfect option for you so that you can get the look you want with the high-quality products you expect. We have hand selected the best of the best when it comes to products in the fantastic Kenroy collection.

After decades of innovation and impressive design, this brand has grown from providing quality light fixtures to include fantastic mirrors. They understand what it takes to get effective lighting in a room, and we know you will find a great option within this collection. You can get a shining, sparkling mirror that will reflect light beautifully and put the finishing touch on any room in no time at all.