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Shat-R-Shield pioneered the protective lighting industry by introducing the original safety coated, shatter-resistant fluorescent lamp in 1970. Regulations set forth by OSHA and the FDA require industries, such as food processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to protect themselves from glass contamination.

Shat-R-Shield’s offering of shatter-resistant lighting products including fluorescent, incandescent, CFL, HID, halogen lamps and glass globes are all safety coated to contain virtually all glass, mercury and phosphors if a lamp is accidentally broken while meeting all necessary certifications of these industries.

In addition to shatter-resistant lamps, Shat-R-Shield also applies a safety coating to LED lamps that protects fragile electronic components from moisture, dust and corrosion. These IP68 rated waterproof LED lamps are ideal for installation outdoors, landscape lighting, wash-down areas, dock lighting or any application exposed to harsh environments.

For customers switching to new technology, Shat-R-Shield provides a selection of high efficiency LED fixtures to retrofit antiquated light sources. From LED High and Low Bay fixtures to the award winning line of Incoplas™ LED fixtures designed with lightweight, corrosion-resistant, thermally conductive engineered polymers, Shat-R-Shield is invested in providing solutions for their core markets.