Three Way Switches

A normal switch has two terminals that are either connected or disconnected. A three-way switch has three terminals, and the switch connects the first terminal to either the second or the third terminal.

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White Three Way Toggle Switch

Three Way Toggle Switch 15 Amp (Almond, Ivory, White, Brown)

  • U-Grounding screws
  • Framed pack
  • 15 Amp - 120V AC
  • 1/2HP - 120V AC
  • Quick wire push-in & side wired
  • Thermoplastic material
  • 2 poles, 3 wires
  • Steel strap metal
  • 1 Year Warranty

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To create lights that operate with two separate switches, the electrician uses two special pieces of equipment in the circuit:

  • Special switches known as three-way switches
  • Special wire that has an extra red insulated wire along with the black and white wires within the sheath