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Induction Lamps

Induction Lamps are lighting installations that use Induction technology as its core base to provision illumination and power. Induction Lighting is a versatile process where the energy is induced via an external magnetic field to create a long-lasting output effect. What makes Induction lighting so appealing is the lack of any chemical illumination component, thus making it safe and non-hazardous.

Induction Lamps works well for large open Spaces with the requirement of a dim Intensified Lighting effect. Parking garages, warehouses, Gymnasiums, Street Lighting, Barns and Sport Stadiums prefer Induction Lighting over others, on virtue of their steady lighting level and low maintenance of fixtures.

Induction lamps are long lasting usually over 100,000 hours leading to lower maintenance costs over time.

Commercially, there are many variations of Induction Lighting Fixtures that are available in the market. Induction Lamps pose as the illumination source for Induction canopy fixture, Induction High bay fixture...and henceforth.

Induction Lamps provide a comfortably sharp white Light with a luminous efficiency averaging about 85 lumens per watt. They have an unwavering Light output and instant restart capability. Their strong Visibility range and clean power factor make Induction Lighting a force to reckon in the efficiency department. Call for the right placement induction lamp and bulbs for your application.