Gooseneck and Barn Lights

Benefits of Barn Lighting

  • Ideal for outdoor spaces when properly rated.
  • Offers a unique appearance that balances rustic and chic.
  • Easy to install and maintain over time.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

If you're looking for attractive vintage lamps for your industrial space, look no further than barn lights. Also called gooseneck lighting, these attractive and functional fixtures are ideal for industrial office use as well for use as perimeter fixtures to keep the outside of a building brightly illuminated and safe. Thanks to their functional styling and broad appeal, barn lights and gooseneck lighting will provide stylish illumination for your industrial space for years to come. We offer a diverse selection of the top-rated brands for this need. With options such as Millennium Lighting, Hi-Lite, PrimeLite, and more, rest assured every option is a high-quality solution worth the investment.

At, we stock a variety of finishes, colors, shade styles, and mounting options, including gooseneck arms, wall mount lights, ceiling mount lights, flush mounts, ceiling hung stems, accessories, and cords. Our large selection ensures that there's a fixture that will function well in your industrial setting. You're sure to find something that matches your building's siding and finishes, and that each and every one of these beautiful fixtures is as functional as it is attractive.

Different settings call for different fixture needs, and we offer a wide selection of accessories to make these fixtures work perfectly for your industrial placement. Options include wire guards and cast guards with glass jar covers. Each option can also be outfitted with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs for higher levels of energy efficiency and a longer burn time.

No matter where your industrial building is located, it's easy to find a lighting category that stands up to heavy use and complements the building's overall appearance. You can mount adjustable lights on the outside of a building pointing toward a door or choose ceiling hung options for showrooms or offices. Alternately, you can choose wall-mount options for factories or industrial settings or guarded, sturdy ceiling mount options for your more high-impact industrial areas. Mix and match for a varied look or choose matching varieties to add a finished feel to your industrial space.

No matter where you choose to place these beautiful fixtures, most are wet or damp listed and will bring a feeling of classical appeal to any industrial setting they wind up in. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, gooseneck lights are the perfect fixtures to welcome your employees, customers, and partners to your industrial building.

If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact a lighting specialist for further assistance. We are always happy to help.