Barn lights are a style of lighting fixture that originated in barns, stables and other large outdoor structures. Barn light fixtures have a rustic vibe that's become just as popular in illuminating urban areas. Today, you'll find the best barn lights in residential, commercial and industrial settings, both outdoors and indoors.

Choosing the right lighting solution depends on the space itself. The best outdoor barn lights require fixtures that meet certain hallmarks of durability, visibility and safety.

With a little help from the experts at, we'll review the top choices in gooseneck and barn lights to help you get the features, energy efficiency and look you desire.

Barn Light Comparison:

Light Fixture Type INDOOR/OUTDOOR LED Compatible Type Uses
Gooseneck Yes Yes Wall Mount

Place on outside walls of buildings and post lamps to illuminate sidewalks and enteryways and provide safe passage for visitors.

Canopy Yes Yes Ceiling Mount

Traditional lighting solutions used in a variety of commercials and professional settings, including gas stations, bus depots, and more.

Wall Packs Yes Yes Wall Mount

Practical and sturdy, these industrial-style light fixtures are used to illuminate walkways and paths.

Ceiling Mount Yes Yes Ceiling Mount

Flush mount barn lights are ideal in spaces with low ceilings or narrow width to give rooms distinctive character and a welcoming feel.

Choosing the Best Gooseneck Lights

Classic horse barn light fixtures have a very distinctive shape called a gooseneck. As their name implies, these aluminum or galvanized steel lighting fixtures have a sturdy arm – shaped like a goose's neck – that attaches to the wall. A wide-shaped round fixture casts a pleasing downlight in a concentrated circle.

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Finding the Best Canopy Lights

Canopy lights are another option for barn lighting fixtures.

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Best Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

​​Another choice for barn lighting is wall pack lights. These outdoor wall-mounted fixtures are commonly seen in commercial locations, but they can be suitable in barn settings as well. The best wall pack lights feature durable housings and offer a damp or wet rating, as they are made for the outdoors. These wall lights can be especially useful in a barn setting or warehouse to shed light on walkways or paths either inside or outside.

Much Better Than Old Fixture

"They are an excellent upgrade to the expensive-to-run lights we had."

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Ceiling Mount Barn Light Fixtures

Providing illumination indoors and outdoors, ceiling mount barn light fixtures encompass both style and function in one high-performance application.

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Why LED Exterior Barn Lights Are Your Best Bet

Regardless of which fixtures you choose, the right lamp type is crucial to successful illumination. LED exterior barn lights offer the best visibility due to their higher lumen outputs while reducing energy costs by way of lower wattages than other lamp types. LED barn lights also last a long time while offering a clean, consistent light spread ideal for any location. Best of all, LED lights operate with no heat loss.

For the Best Barn Lights, Trust

Whether you're illuminating a pole barn, warehouse or other large building, can light the way with the best outdoor barn lights. Our experienced lighting professionals will help you develop a plan to meet your needs with high-quality lighting solutions that are reliable and affordable. Using value engineering, we'll work with you to suggest innovative ways to illuminate your building while staying within your budget. Shop today!

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