Warelight Typhoon Shoe Box Flood Light

Warelight Typhoon Shoe Box Flood Light

Product Review

When it comes to outdoor lighting, the options for quality lighting continue to change. While a rounded dome-like style was once the style of choice, modern designs have brought shoe box lights to the front of the pack. With the rectangular shape of shoebox lighting, the light is distributed to a wider scope for improved illumination where you need it most such as parking lots and doorways.

When choosing the lighting for your parking lot or outdoor areas, it is important for several reasons. It signifies to your guests that your business is open after dark and acts like a beacon to attract business. Effective outdoor lighting is also key to creating a safe environment for your customers and employees. A well-lit exterior is less prone to crime and accidents. Lighting for outdoor spaces should be bright and offer a wide scope of illumination. The overall scope of illumination is determined by a few factors such as the size and shape of the fixture and how high up the fixture is mounted.

One of the best fixtures for this type of lighting is the Typhoon Shoe Box fixture. With this option for outdoor lighting, you get a light that offers power and innovation. This light fixture is one of the most versatile in terms of mounting. With a focus on ease of installation in every aspect, this type of light fixture comes with several arm mounting options to fit a range of needs. The arms are available in varying specifications to find the choice that is right for you. The forward throw optics ballast slides in place like a drawer and is secured with rust resistant bolts. It features well-gasketed edges to keep the fixture and wiring protected from the elements. Available in the latest in LED technology, this type of lighting will last for thousands of hours of uninterrupted use. However, the ballast is designed to easily and efficiently handle being repeatedly shut off and turned back on without wearing down the light capabilities over time. In addition to being easy to install and high-performing, this fixture is made to be durable with an aluminum die cast housing and tempered lens. While there are many options for lighting your outdoor spaces, it is hard to beat Typhoon Shoe Box lighting. For more information about this product, please check out our video.

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