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LED Cobra Head / Roadway Lights 

With our inventory of LED cobra head street lights, you can rest assured your lighting needs are met with ease. Ideal for lighting roadways and sidewalks in residential and commercial settings, as well as parking lots, these street lights get their name from the shape of the fixture and offer superior lighting performance when paired with LED options. When choosing street lighting, it is important to keep budgetary constraints in mind and this lighting option should keep you on track. Cobra head led street lights offer a longer burn time than other options, with over 100,000 hours of illumination, and use less energy consumption for a lower utilities bill.

Reasons to choose LED Cobra Head / Roadway Lights:

LED offers the best return on investment over the long run thanks to the efficiency of the solution. An LED lamp offers superior quality of light at a higher lumen output while operating on a lower wattage of energy consumed. This will save your location money over time on utility costs.
  • LEDs last longer than other solutions. This is partly because LED lamps create illumination with no heat loss which promises a longer life than other lamps, as well as the fact that LED fixtures operate on a driver which lasts longer than a standard ballast.
  • There is a better color rendering index and more diverse color temperature spectrum available with LED solutions than other solutions on the market. Color rendering is the ability to differentiate between different colors while the color temperature is whether the light gives off a yellow or white appearance in tone. These both matter for outdoor lighting to aid in visibility at night.
  • Aside from the light emitting diode aspect, the shape of our LED cobra head lights makes them appealing. The shape provides adequate light spread that is even in output and capable of casting a concentrated a light spread.

We offer a range of options for the smart shopper in search of the power and affordability of cobra head street lights. Our inventory features a range of sizes and styles to choose from, as well as variations in specifications to ensure you find the best fit for your lighting needs. Choose from sweeping curved designs with UV-resistant finishes for extra protection, heads with integrated receptacles and twist lock photocells, and much more.

Every one of the led cobra head light fixtures shown has been manufactured with the highest levels of excellence for a product you can trust. American made and UL listed to comply with regulating standards, these lighting solutions come in a variety of voltages, wattages, and lumens outputs. We proudly feature lighting solutions made of exceptional durability from sturdy materials with thoughtful designs, such as the die-cast metal housings and tempered glass lens. Discover the incredible power and money-saving abilities of LED lighting today with these exceptional lighting solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LED Cobra Head Lights?

Cobra head LED street lights are outdoor fixtures that are mounted to poles and are mainly used for street and roadway lighting but can be used for other general area lighting. Their distinctive “cobra head” design has been in use for decades but has now been updated with LED lighting technology.

Where are LED Cobra Head Lights used?

Cobra Head Lights are utilized in commercial and residential settings. They are used to illuminate streets, roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, alleys and tunnels. Here are some examples of where cobra head lights can be used:

What are the different types of Cobra Head LED Light fixtures?

Cobra head street lights typically use a photocell so that they are automatically turned on at sunset and turned off at sunrise. They are also available with various light distribution types, dimming capabilities and color temperature options.