WareLight’s 10in & 14in LED Dusk to Dawn Gooseneck Barn Light

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Gooseneck fixtures bring a modern farmhouse look to residential and commercial buildings. They complement architectural details and offer a well-lit welcome for guests while increasing curb appeal. This indoor/outdoor fixture is great for pole barns, commercial buildings, sheds, and building facade lighting.

Using powerful LEDs, the retro barn light emits up to 4,000 lumens of natural white illumination without any protruding bulbs. This heavy-duty cast aluminum light mounts directly to a junction box and comes in multiple colors: white, black and bronze.

Both the 10" and 14" Gooseneck dome shade can be easily adjusted up to 90° with its butterfly bolt and angle adjustment, and it also has a 360° swivel adjustment. This Gooseneck barn light consumes between 25 and 42 watts of power, its LEDs are designed to last for a 50,000 hours, and comes with a photocell and a standard 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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With their rustic style, gooseneck barn lights are sure to spruce up offices, industrial spaces, and homes alike. Indoor and outdoor gooseneck lighting fixtures combine vintage aesthetics with versatile illumination for a total lighting solution. Purchase your wall-mounted barn lights today at Warehouse-Lighting.

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