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500 Watt LED High Bay Lights & Fixtures 

When you need to illuminate a spacious area with high ceilings, high bay lighting is your best bet. Along with 500-watt LED high bay lights, has virtually any high bay LED lights you need for your warehouse, factory or other large facility. Shop today and light up your space brilliantly!

500 watt high bay LED lights are some of the most powerful and efficient high bay lights on the market. Often used in Warehouses and other industrial applications, 500 watt high bay LED lights provide an extremely bright light while using very little energy. High bay LED lights are a great way to reduce your energy costs while still providing ample light for your workspace. 500 watt high bay LED lights are also very long lasting, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. If you are looking for a powerful and efficient high bay light, 500 watt high bay LED lights are a great option.

Why 500w LED High Bay Lights Are Better

LED lighting is a better overall choice than antiquated forms of warehouse lighting. There are many advantages to choosing LED 500w high bay lights over other types of lighting. For example:

  • Longer Life: You needn't replace LEDs as often as other types of lighting. This is a big plus considering high bay lights are often located in areas that are only accessible using scaffolding.
  • More Cost Effective: LED high bay lights cost more to purchase initially, but the expense is offset thanks to the long life and energy efficiency that LEDs bring to the table.
  • Cooler: LED high bay lights don't get hot the way other types of lighting do, so there's no impact on your cooling system, which saves you money on utility costs.
  • Safer: LEDs don't contain mercury or other harmful elements that can cause injury if the bulb breaks. Also, an LED high bay light doesn't give off UV rays, which can be a source of employee discomfort, resulting in lost productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions About 500-Watt LED High Bay Lights

Here are answers to some of the more popular questions we've received about 500w LED high bay lights. Feel free to get in touch if we haven't addressed your concern here.

How Do I Choose the Right 500w High Bay Lights for My Factory?

You'll need to know the height at which you'll be mounting your LED warehouse lighting, the size of the area(s) you'll be illuminating and the plan for mounting and wiring your industrial light fixtures. If you need help, offers free lighting design and layout assistance.

What's the Optimal Ceiling Height for LED High Bay Lights?

You should choose high bay lights if your ceiling is 20 feet to 45 feet. For ceilings under 20 feet, low bay lights are the way to go.

Are LED High Bay Lights Programmable?

Many high bay fixtures can be turned on and off or dimmed using timers or motion sensors. No need to fret about someone failing to shut off the lights before a long holiday weekend!

500-watt high bay LED lights Has Your 500-Watt LED High Bay Lights

For over 16 years, our professional lighting consultants have provided quality commercial warehouse lighting solutions for contractors, building managers and property owners. We look forward to illuminating your space with all the 500-watt LED high bay lights and other industrial lighting you need to provide a safe, well-lit environment for workers, management and visitors to your facility. Shop today!