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For your Made in America lighting needs, browse our collection of our American made lights spanning our industrial, commercial, outdoor, residential and LED retrofit collections of lighting fixtures. Our Made in the USA lighting fixtures are all about american craftsmanship and quality. We have a large selection of lighting fixtures and lamps made in the USA. Companies such as Probuilt Lighting, Warelight Lighting, Saylite, Lighting and RAB Lighting design and manufacture many of their fixtures on American soil. These USA-made lights are always the best quality and keep jobs at home. Build, remodel or retrofit your environment with lights that are made in America.

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B2000 Cyclone Elec-Power Conduit Bender, 115V/15A, 1/2" to 2" Rigid, EMT, IMC, PVC Coated Rigid, Includes Cover, 1/Unit

B2000 Cyclone Elec-Power Conduit Bender, 115V/15A, 1/2" to 2" Rigid, EMT, IMC, PVC Coated Rigid, Includes Cover, 1/Unit

  • Easily lift and transport using the forklift tubes built into base
  • Lift Hook for security (job-site) tethering
  • Incorporates storage area for tools, etc. while in use
  • Easy dial settings create accurate bends every time and make training time virtually non-existent
  • Low-volt (95), high-volt (132) automatic shut-off helps protect electrical components from voltage fluctuations
  • Includes Weather-Resistant Cover
  • Unit Dimensions: 47 in X 33 in X 43 in
  • Unit Weight: 408
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ITEM: B2000

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Lighting Made in the USA mean?

When any manufacturer chooses to boast of an American connection, it must comply with federal rules designed to keep consumers from being misled. Made in the USA” claims can be “unqualified” or “qualified.” Unqualified means that “all or virtually all” significant parts and processing are of U.S. origin. The product may contain a small amount of foreign ingredients if they’re not significant—the knobs of a barbecue grill, for instance. Companies must be able to document any claim.

Why is it important buy made in the USA lighting?

Consumers and businesses ask for USA-Made products because they know American manufacturing is a big deal – it supports over 17 million jobs across the country and contributes over 12% to U.S. GDP. Buying lighting products with the Made in USA label keeps those jobs going, and keeps our economy thriving. And, when consumers buy a lighting product made in the USA, they can be sure that they are getting American quality and not a cheap, foreign knock-off.