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Emergency Exit Sign with Lights Combo Fixture 

When it comes to emergency exit lighting, the combination of the light will determine the right solution. When you need a solution to ensure the safety of your staff and customers, an exit sign with emergency lights has you covered. In an emergency, such as a fire, power outage, or other unfortunate events, these LED emergency exit signs and light combos will ensure proper visibility for safety reasons while also directing people to the nearest exit out of the building.

Options For Combo Exit Signs & Emergency Lights

We stock all kinds of emergency light combos for safety and security such as our exit sign with emergency lights. These solutions offer both an exit sign coupled with focused head lamps to improve overall visibility. These models are available in both double and triple head options which ensures you get the correct illumination levels for the size of the area, with large areas benefiting from a triple lamp option. Our rigorously tested products are trusted for their reliability in performance during a power failure and are available at competitive prices. Plus we offer deep discounts for bulk orders. Many of the exit signs and emergency light combos we carry also include a lengthy warranty from the manufacturer. Most units are also UL listed for wet locations, which is ideal if the sprinkler system is activated in a fire to safeguard the LED emergency exit signs from damage.

These options use LED lamps that ensure the best in vibrant visibility that is free from flickering when you need it most. LEDs also consumes very little energy to produce powerful illumination, which will help extend the light's life and pass the savings on to your business. Our exit sign with emergency lights attached using LED lamps is inexpensive to buy and affordable to operate. Combo exit signs feature compact, low-profile designs and are self-contained, allowing them to operate automatically. Combo exit sign emergency lights help you meet building codes regarding this type of emergency light fixture. From the rating for wet locations to the die-cast aluminum body for durability, these LED exit signs with emergency lights have it all for a selection you can choose confidently.

If you have any questions about these options, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable lighting specialists are always happy to help with emergency light combo fixtures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Exit Combo Lights

What are Exit Signs with Emergency Lights?

Exit Signs with Emergency Lights are used together to provide illumination and direct people to the exit of a building in an emergency. Exit lights are typically placed above doorways, while battery operated exit signs are configured to provide at least 90 minutes of continuous lighting in a power outage.

Where are Exit Signs with Emergency Lights used?

LED exit Sign and Emergency Light combinations are commonly installed in public spaces to meet fire and building codes. Schools, offices, retail stores, government buildings, gymnasiums, movie theaters, and sports stadiums are among these places.