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Emergency Light Wire Guards & Exit Sign Covers 

The use of an exit sign cover can help extend the life of your emergency lighting solutions while protecting it from harm or tampering. Warehouse Lighting offers exit sign wire guards and covers that fit a variety of emergency light and exit sign styles. These wire guards are an affordable addition to your emergency lighting units.

Options For Emergency Light Covers & Exit Sign Guards offers a variety of exit sign and emergency light covers. These rugged covers will prevent all but the most determined vandals from damaging one of your business's most important safety features to protect employees and the public.

We offer six types of covers to keep your exit signs and emergency lights safe and protected. These include our wire guards for exit and emergency lights, including an extra-tough model featuring heavy, 8-gauge steel, and our polycarbonate vandal/environmental shield guard. Whether you prefer a polycarbonate cover or a wire guard, rest assured that either option is equipped to protect your lights from harm. They are both durable in their design and long-lasting for a great value. We have rectangle shapes and more rounded styles to accommodate any emergency light fixture without worry. These items usually ship the same day that we receive your order, meaning you can get protection fast for a reliable outcome.

We offer several sizes to meet your needs and easily fit the existing light. . We have an option to rise to the occasion, from smaller to larger wire covers. They are easy to install with basic mounting hardware included in the purchase. When you need a way to safeguard this important lighting in your location, these covers are the perfect solution. Order today and protect your investment with ease.

We are committed to outstanding customer service with each order. If you have any questions about our selection while shopping, please reach out to a lighting specialist for further assistance on the matter at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions Exit Signs & Emergency Light Protection

What are Exit Sign and Emergency Light Covers?

Exit Sign and Emergency Light Covers protect emergency lighting fixtures from damage caused by vandals or other factors. They are built tough and durable so that these important lights can continue to function in any emergency.

Where are Exit Sign and Emergency Light Covers used?

What are the different types of Exit Sign and Emergency Light Covers?

Exit Sign and Emergency Light Covers come in many different shapes and sizes to suit any situation or fixture. The two basic types that are used are wire guards and polycarbonate shields and can be installed with little effort required. Wet listed polycarbonate shields are required for outdoor applications.