LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kits

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Reasons to retrofit to LED exit signs:

  • LED offers consistent light of high quality. LED produces a higher quality light free from the flickering seen in other solutions. This ensures the illumination will remain consistent while operating. LED offers better color temperature as well which can be an advantage over incandescent which tend to only operate on the warm, yellow side of the color spectrum.
  • It offers a higher lumen output. LED offers one of the highest lumen outputs of any solution today. This means you can achieve a bright, vibrant light to direct staff and customers to the exit in the event of an emergency. You need visibility for this important sign and LED offers the brightest output.
  • LED offers lower energy consumption. Exit signs for emergency purposes usually stay on all day as required by code enforcement. This means they are using energy all day. With LED lamps, the fixtures will consume a lower wattage to produce the same high level of lighting necessary for this area. They even operate on lower wattage when the power goes out and they switch to battery operation which ensures they will be able to run for the recommended length determined by state or local codes, usually at least an hour, depending on your area.
  • It is more affordable than buying new fixtures. When you retrofit, you keep the same fixture and housing, and simply update the internal components to be suitable for LED lamps. This saves money on buying new LED fixtures which is always a bonus for any business.

When it comes to keeping safety a top priority, exit signs are key. When looking to upgrade older models with newer lighting options, exit sign retrofit kits are a great solution. There are many rules and regulations regarding exit signs to ensure proper safety measures are in place. While keeping customer and employees safe is the most important aspect, energy efficiency is still a matter of importance. With older lighting options, you pull more energy while getting less illumination. With LED lights, the opposite is true.

Our selection of LED exit sign retrofit kits features both screw-in models and hard-wired models. These easy to install exit sign retrofit kits offer the best in LED performance for a lighting solution you can trust when you need it most. With up to 50,000 hours of bright illumination and lengthy warranties on the housings and electronics, our inventory of exit sign retrofit kits are the perfect solution to upgrade from incandescent to LEDs. Choose from a range of watts, volts, and sizes to find the right solution for your existing unit.

We offer retrofit kits complete with everything you need to make this upgrade, including sets of bulbs, mounting brackets, and double face tape. All options are UL or ETL listed for dependable performance you can trust. They are also within the strict guidelines of local and state codes as defined by OSHA. We offer 1-3-day shipping on these items to allow for fast repairs or replacements to your existing exit sign. Every option we offer features the highest standards of quality manufacturing for a long-lasting product. Upgrade your lighting today with these exceptional LED exit sign kits.

At, we carry the best in quality lighting solutions for a range of applications. With our wide selection of affordable options boasting outstanding performance and longevity, you are sure to find the right choice for your setting. If you have any questions about the exceptional products we offer, our team of lighting experts would be happy to assist you further. Call, chat, or order online today.