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Light Bulb Sockets and Adapters 

When it comes to outfitting your lighting plan with everything it needs to function at its highest capacity, there are certain elements you need to pull it off successfully. With our selection of lighting sockets, find everything you need for your system at an affordable price.

Here are few things you need to know about this lighting essential to help you make the right choice for your lighting fixtures:

  • It is important to get the right option based on lamp type. While all tube lighting may seem the same to you, there is a difference between T5 tubes and T8 tubes when choosing sockets for the fixture. The length is different between the two bulbs and there may even be differences in the pin diameter so make sure you choose a specified socket for the right bulb type your fixture uses to operate.
  • Another matter to consider when shopping for this item is the matter of unshunted or shunted. Many people are thrown off by this consideration but it's a simple thing to understand. Shunted sockets are only used with instant start ballasts whereas non-shunted or unshunted sockets are used with fixtures featuring a dimming, pre-heat, program start, rapid start, or trigger ballast.
  • When looking for this important item, you should also check your pins. There are lamps with single pins and lamps with double pins, so this is an important consideration to keep in mind.