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QSSI fulfills two roles—as our corporate headquarters, and as the division that services our North American customers that purchase products by direct containers to their doors. QSSI was founded in 1985, and has been manufacturing custom die cast parts and components in China since that time. We began manufacturing complete lighting fixtures in 1992 to supply to the OEM markets in the USA and Canada, and have since expanded to worldwide distribution. We have three manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, all of which are 100% owned by QSSI and all are registered as 100% foreign owned enterprises. There are no joint ventures or outside investors.

We own our own tooling for our existing product line, and we are also custom designers and manufacturers for our OEM customers. In addition, we own our U.L., CE, GS and TUV files used for the International market and all of our products comply with these strict standards.

We are dedicated to providing our customers a high quality product that is recognized as such within the industry and to do so every time! Our project management teams in the US and China stand ready to reply promptly and accurately to your inquiries. We look forward to the opportunity to build a relationship based on longevity and trust.