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T8 Sockets

Our T8 sockets and tombstones work with instant start ballasts and programs start ballasts. These lamps sockets come in a variety of heights from short to tall and allow the lamp to be mounted higher or lower on your industrial fluorescent fixture. We also offer shunted and unshunted lamps sockets for use with your applications. To define shunted are used mainly in instant start T8 ballasts and on shunted are used in the program start T8 ballasts and LED tubes single and power. These tombstones or T8 sockets are used with a variety of T8 lamp wattages and lengths. These sockets are mainly 2 pin twist in to lock.


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Single, shunted, short, T8 socket. TL7/SOCKET

Price: $0.45

Single, shunted, tall T8 socket. TL3/SOCKET

Price: $0.45

American Made UL Listed
Single, unshunted, short, T8 socket. TL8/SOCKET

Price: $0.45

American Made UL Listed
Single, unshunted, tall T8 socket. TL4/SOCKET

Price: $0.45

American Made UL Listed