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Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Ballasts 

Find the electronic ballast to drive your compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) system with our line of top energy-saving brands at We carry Fulham, Philips Advance, Howard, and Universal electronic CFL ballasts.

Zero in on the compatibility you want by clicking on our spec sheets or consulting our in-house lighting experts. All compact fluorescent lighting ballasts carry manufacturer warranties. Send us your blueprints and specs, and we can send you a free estimate in 72 hours for the ballasts you need with our Free Estimate feature.

Browse our line of Workhorse, Longhorse, and Pony series electronic CFL ballasts by Fulham. Fulham’s Workhorse ballasts are high power factor ballasts that are lightweight and versatile. Fulham Longhorse remote-mount ballasts operate up to 20 feet from the lamp. Six of our compact fluorescent ballasts can operate 124 lamps in more than 600 combinations. Fulham Pony CFL ballasts are economical, cooler running and lighter weight ballast designs for T5, T8, and Circline lamps. We carry dozens of Fulham’s ballast series devices that come with easy-to-follow wiring instructions.

SmartMate electronic ballasts by Philips Advance for 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps boast energy-efficient designs and user-friendly features. SmartMate ballasts are a popular choice in applications ranging from convention center ballrooms to restaurants and as alternatives to incandescent downlighting systems. These compact fluorescent ballasts operate a broad range of Circline, twin-tube, quad and triple-tube lamps. Because they operate between 42kHz and 52kHz, this ballast eliminates interference with infrared systems, anti-theft devices, and other electronic equipment.

We carry instant-start Howard brand electronic CFL ballasts with five-year warranties and minimum start temperatures of negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Universal’s trademarked Triad electronic fluorescent ballasts have installer-friendly universal input voltage. Because these energy-efficient Triad ballasts are compliant with CEE and NEMA specs, they may qualify for utility incentives. These compact fluorescent ballasts allow independent lamp operation, which means other bulbs will stay lit when one fails.

At, we are honored to be your source for affordable lighting solutions. If you have any questions about these products, we would be happy to assist you further.