Step Lights For Outdoor Patios

Step Lights For Outdoor Patios

When planning outdoor lighting, there are a few elements to consider for the best results. For example, an outdoor patio area needs to be both functional and inviting. Luckily, this level of ambiance and visibility can be achieved with the right step lights for outdoor patios. Here are a few key considerations for choosing this area of lighting.

When choosing this type of lighting, you should first consider the space of the area. While step lights for outdoor patios aren’t intended to give off a high level of lumen output, they do contribute to the general lighting of the area. A good tip is that if you are working with a larger area, opt for a high lumen output for better visibility whereas a smaller area would need a lower lumen output to avoid being overpowering.

The next factor to consider is the shape of the lighting solution. While most step lights for outdoor patios are rectangular to provide the widest scope of lumen output, there are also round options available. A round step light works well for those looking for a more focused light spread or more of an ambiance factor than a visibility factor. While the dimensions of the light in terms of length and width will be the biggest determining element in the light spread, the shape does also play a role as a factor.

Once you have chosen the size and shape, the bulb type is the next area to consider. While step lights were once only incandescent, there are now fluorescent and even LED options available on the market. Incandescent tends to be more limited in the color temperature and look attractive in a warmer tone for ambiance. Fluorescent offer an improved color temperature, better efficiency, and can be used for both ambiance or visibility depending on the factors chosen. LED options are made to have lower energy consumption, brighter white light, and are ideal for areas in need of higher visibility. Obviously, the outcome you are seeking will dictate which lamp type is best for your needs.

A final factor when choosing step lights for outdoor patios is the overall quality. The quality relates to a few factors. The materials used in construction will play a role in quality with metal or specially treated plastic being ideal. The other factor related to quality is the durability to withstand outdoor influences. A step light should be rated for damp or wet locations to ensure no damages are incurred from rain or snow. It should also be well gasketed and dust proof to make sure the lens stays clean and the internal elements are protected.

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