Warehouse Lighting Application Suggestions

Warehouse Lighting Application Suggestions

Options for your warehouse lighting needs

There are several options that I would suggest for lighting up your current warehouse or your new warehouses. We use-to-use several non energy effective options like metal halide or high pressure sodium which gave off great lighting output but sure can inflate your energy bills. Today we have several energy efficient options to replace your old energy eaters.

New warehouse lighting options

Depending on your ceiling height there are four types lighting delivery options and several lighting fixtures to use with these options to get your desired effect.

  • Induction
  • LED
  • T8
  • T5HO

Induction for warehouse lighting is great for longevity but bad on delivered lumens although delivery lumens with this fixture can be a misconception to the end user. With induction warehouse lighting fixtures visual lumens are much less but your eye perceives this light much more efficiently and your overall perception is that the lighting I much brighter. If in your facility if you have a 400-watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium fixture a great rule of thumb is that half the wattage on an induction lamp will do the same job. The induction lighting fixture is great for very high applications because of it longevity most induction lamps are great for over 100,000 hours four times more then metal halide, t5 or t8 options. Pricing for this fixture really depends on the quality of the product itself. For a great 400-watt replacement high bay click this link.

LED lighting for warehouse application are making some major strides in recent years. Longevity on this fixture is usually great about 50,000 to 70,000 hours. LED warehouse fixtures are usually lower lumen much like induction and there perception of output is much greater then the true output. I like this option for everything but price. The wattage output is very small but lumen outputs perception is big and fools many. Unlike induction high bay lighting fixtures there is no good rule of thumb here. Every company with high bay LED technologies tends to sell there feature differently and not consistently. What I have found with LEDs that if the fixture is producing about 10,000 to 12,000 lumen it tends to be proceved as an equal to a 400 watt high bay, 4 lamp t5ho high bay or a 6 lamp t8 high bay. I think LED fixtures make great sense when lighting spaces 24 hours a day the higher price tends to be trumped by lower energy bills. For a great LED high bay option click this link.

Now we come to the most used lighting fixture to lighting warehouse today. T5HO in recent years have dominated this market in new and retroing warehouses in the US. Several upsides to t5ho fixtures and lamping options for warehouses like small price great output. T5HO high bay lights have a higher output for wattage used a 4 lamp t5ho producing 20,000 lumen and is closely equal to a 400 watt metal halide that has not been maintained by changing the lamps for 3 years. These fixtures are great with motion sensors and are always program start ballasts to increase the longevity of the lamps. If going this route for your warehouse lighting my suggestion would be to use 5000-kelvin lamps for clarity and color. Click here for the most inexpensive option to lighting your warehouse. For a 5000 kelvin lamp for your fixtures click here.

T8 warehouse lighting fixtures are very similar to t5ho fixture option. They have the same upsides price and output. The down fall that I see is that 6 lamp t8 high bay fixture is equal to a 400 watt high bay the problem is how many parts this fixture has compared to the 4 lamp t5ho counterpart. The 6 lamp t8 high bay usually has 2 ballast a 2 and a 4 and has 6 lamps, to almost make as much light as the 4 lamp t5ho. 6 lamp t8 output is about 18,000 well as discussed before the 4 lamp t5ho is 20,000 lumen. On both of the fixtures options the lamps last anywhere from 20,000 hours to 50,000 depending if you are supplied with a longer life lamping option. Although the spread on a 6 lamp t8 fixture is greater then the 4 lamp t5ho high bay at lower levels anywhere between 15 to 20 feet. For the t8 high bay option please follow this link.

If you have any more questions about these options please contact us that’s what we are here for 888-454-4480.