What is a DLC Listing?

What is a DLC Listing?

There are a lot of terms commonly used in the lighting industry. If you are unfamiliar with certain terms, it is also a good idea to attain a better understanding to help you achieve your lighting goals. One term that is commonly used, but seldom fully understood, is DLC listed. What is a DLC listing? How does it affect the quality or value of the lighting application?

What is DLC listing?

The term DLC stands for DesignLights Consortium and is related to energy efficiency. If a product is rated as DLC listed, rated, or approved, it means that the solution has been created to perform under high levels of energy efficiency. This is not to be confused with an Energy Star rating which is managed by a separate governing body. While Energy Star can be seen on both lighting solutions and appliances, DLC listing is only on lighting solutions. It should also be noted that DLC will only be found on commercial lighting applications with Energy Star being found on consumer lighting solutions.

What role does DLC play in lighting solutions?

While having extra listings of any sort is usually a good sign that a lot of care was put into manufacturing the solution, there are other reasons to care about this listing in particular. The first way DLC listings affect lighting solutions is obviously the fact that they are energy efficient by consuming less wattage to create the lumen output. This will not only have a positive impact on the environment but it will also have a positive impact on your monthly energy costs to operate the fixtures. Another way DLC plays a role in lighting is the matter of rebates. In order to comply with rebate standards, a lighting solution must be DLC listed. DLC listings also play a role in the overall quality of the solution since it has been vigorously tested to meet certain standards.

Are non-DLC listed products inferior?

A lot of misinformation surrounds the matter of DLC listings. While it is true that a DLC listing carries a certain level of quality, it doesn’t mean a lighting solution with the stamp of DLC is inherently inferior. A product may have simply not been tested under the guidelines of DLC as part of the manufacturing process. While it is a good rule of thumb to choose DLC listed products, it is not necessarily a deal breaker if a solution doesn’t bear that stamp of approval.