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2x2 Fluorescent Troffer Lights 

When looking for lighting that offers both dependable output and improved efficiency, updated fluorescent lighting is an option. Updating older versions of fluorescent lighting with newer models can save you money on your utilities while improving the lifespan of your lighting solution. We offer a range of 2x2 fluorescent troffer light fixtures to help you upgrade, repair, or replace your commercial lighting. One of the most versatile lighting solutions available on the market, 2x2 fluorescent troffer lights offer an evenly disbursed illumination that is the right mix of powerful and gentle. Common applications for this type of lighting includes offices, schools, hallways, bathrooms, and more.

2x2 Fluorescent Troffer Lights

Our inventory of 2x2 fluorescent troffer lights offers products by the most trusted names in the lighting industry, including Texas Fluorescents and WareLight, for quality and performance you can count on to last for many years. We offer American-made 2x2 fluorescent troffer light fixtures of excellent value for a lighting solution made to the highest of standards. We offer one of the largest selections of watt variations to meet your needs with ease.

Choose from your choice of lamp numbers ranging from 2 to 4 lamps, as well as a range of watts including T5 14 and 24 watts, T5HO 24 watt, and T8 models in 17 and 32 watts. We also offer various ballast and reflector types to find the perfect lighting option for your specific needs. These reliable 2x2 fluorescent troffer lights are all made of durable materials for a solution built to last for many years without issue. In fact, most models are offered with lengthy warranties of up to 5 years from the manufacturer, as well as energy rebates, for an added value. Many of these high-quality light fixtures are CEE and UL listed as well for reliable performance.

At, we are committed to being your source for all your commercial lighting needs. If you have any questions about these exceptional products we proudly offer, one of our lighting experts would be happy to help. Call, chat, or order online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do 2x2 fluorescent troffer lights use a lot of electricity?

Fluorescent lights are often perceived as using more electricity when compared to LED. If you only compare this type of light to LED, you are missing out on the affordable solution of fluorescents. A 2x2 fluorescent troffer fixture can produce 50-100 lumens per watt of energy consumed which is less electricity than the 10-30 lumens created per watt of energy by an incandescent fixture. Fluorescents are known for using a lot of electricity, but they are actually more efficient than most people realize.

Is it safe to leave 2x2 fluorescent troffer lights on all the time?

Yes, it is safe to leave 2x2 fluorescent troffer lights on all the time. While it is safe to do so, using lighting you don’t need will eventually impact the life of the lamp and fixture. If you are using fluorescent fixtures in a place such as an office, consider installing timers or sensors so the lights are only used as needed.

How can you tell if a 2x2 fluorescent troffer light is bad?

If the fixture fails to light, the first thing is to check your bulbs. If the bulbs are still good after you test them in another fixture, you can consider the ballast. The most common signs of ballast failure are things like burn marks, a swollen casing, or a buzzing sound.