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Cloud LED Lights & Puff Lighting Fixtures 

Our Puff and Cloud Series fluorescent light fixtures add soft illumination to any retail or office setting. The Cloud light fixtures feature a contemporary opal acrylic material with a diffuser that evenly distributes light. With UV surface protection that resists color shifts, the unit continues to look and perform beautifully for years. Fluorescent lighting is durable and energy efficient. The Cloud light fixtures add a decorative look to warmly light any commercial space, from offices to shops to restaurants and more.

Find many different options that will suit your needs with our great selection of lighting solutions. Perfect for any size space, the uses for Cloud light fixtures are endless. They provide an elegant and comfortable atmosphere for your room and are a great choice when looking for lighting that will remain attractive and match any decor.

Choose from several shapes and sizes to suit the needs of your room, from oval to square and rectangle fixtures that will give you a unique and refreshing look. Curved edges help soften the look of the lamp, allowing it to seamlessly blend in with your decor while diffusing light evenly to create a uniform and comfortable atmosphere.

There are many different models available to match the needs of your building. Various lamp quantities including 2, 3, and 4 lamps allow you to customize the amount of light your fixtures provide. 17 and 32-watt T8 fixtures are available to match the specifications of your system so that you can get reliable, high-performance lighting without hassle. You can find Cloud light fixtures that mount on either your walls or ceiling to help you create a background that suits your taste so that you can enjoy your room to the fullest each and every day.

Our products are durable and will last for years in any condition, making them a great addition to everything from office buildings to warehouses to retail stores and more. There is no reason you cannot enjoy the most attractive fixtures in every space of your store or office. We provide high-quality hardware at affordable prices!