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Electronic Metal Halide (HID) Ballast 

Lighting changes with the years and newer models are often more efficient. For example, electronic metal halide ballasts provide an easy way to make your lighting more efficient and effective when you’re replacing magnetic ballasts.

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Electronic HID Ballasts 100W, Metal Halide Lamp, Side exit leads from same end with mounting feet MH1100MV-LFS
Versa Kit for exiting wire leads from the bottom
Electronic HID Ballasts 100W, 120-277V with versa mounting kit

  • Brand: Espen
  • Lamp Type: Metal Halide
  • Wattage controlled: 100
  • Number Of Lamps Controlled: 1
  • Voltage: 120-277V
  • Min Start Temp: -20 Degree F
  • Power Factor: 0.95
  • Width: 3.62"
  • Height: 1.5"
  • Length: 5.72"
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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While magnetic ballasts were once the only solution for certain lighting applications, electronic ballasts have taken over as the popular choice. These electronic metal halide ballasts can save you money, especially when you take advantage of our bulk discounts. The lighting these solutions provide is powerful and bright without being overbearing or leading to harsh shadows. When looking for lighting you can depend on for consistent output without heavy utility costs, our selection of electronic ballast is a solid choice.

There are several reasons to consider switching to this type of lighting. Using all the components of your existing fixtures, our electronic metal halide ballasts make your fixtures produce brighter light. They are a great solution if you are looking to update your older ballast without completely overhauling your fixture housing. Featuring a durable design, these compact units can fit in almost any application. They’re small enough to reduce overcrowding, providing optimum heat distribution that will make your bulbs and fixtures last longer.

Our electronic metal halide ballasts have been designed for lower wattage metal halide applications ranging from 20 to 175 watts, and they’ll support 120-277 volts. In addition to their incredible performance, they are easy to implement without hassle or complicated action. These durable ballasts come with full instructions, wiring diagrams, and a simple installation process. We offer a variety of electronic metal halide ballast options from different manufacturers with varying warranties. For an affordable lighting solution packed with impressive power, these options are a great choice.

At, we are honored to be your source for high-performing lighting manufactured with quality construction in mind. With a wide range of applications and lighting fixtures available, you are sure to find the right choice. If you have any questions or need help finding the right option for you, our team of lighting specialists would be happy to assist you further.