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Remote Capable Wall Mounted Emergency Lights 

Shop our selection of remote-capable wall-mounted emergency lights. Whether you are improving the lighting safety in any commercial, retail, or public location, we have remote emergency lighting for all areas. From providing illumination for exits and walkways to visibility to the doors, remote capable emergency lights will meet local ordinances and inspections. Order your remote-capable emergency light to meet safety standards.

Remote Emergency Lighting Options

We offer several choices for adding remote heads for emergency lights to your location. Choose from several choices in terms of shape, including round and square units, and various options in specifications to get the right one for your needs. Regardless of which option is best suited to you, rest assured that \the remote head capable lights we offer are made with the highest standards. From the durable construction of the units with chrome-plated metalized reflectors and durable lenses to preferences such as utilizing low voltage power sources without additional wiring, these remote-capable fixtures for emergency lights are a great solution without the hassle of comparable sources.

Best of all, emergency lights with remote capability are typically backed by some form of manufacturer warranty to ensure longevity and satisfaction with the outcome. Choose from several choices on voltage, wattage, lamp type, and more to get the best fit for your individual needs and location.

Whether looking for a single head unit or a double head unit, we have you covered with these reliable solutions. In addition to the versatility of options, you will also find the benefit of ease of installation. Most remote emergency lights can be mounted with ease to achieve ample light without hassle. If you have any questions regarding any of these products, don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance on the matter.

Frequently Asked Questions Emergency Lights with Remote Head Capabilities

What Are Remote Head Capable Emergency Lights?

Remote Head Capable Emergency Lights have batteries with higher capacities that connect to 1 or 2 remote head emergency lights mounted away from the emergency light fixture. This extends the reach of the emergency lights without the additional cost of dedicated batteries within the remote emergency light heads.

Where are Remote Head Capable Emergency Lights used?

Emergency lights with remote head capability are used wherever emergency lights are where required, and local code allows. This includes private and public buildings. Here are some examples of where emergency lights with remote head capability are used:

What are the different types of Remote Head Capable Emergency Lights?

Remote Head Capable Emergency Lights vary in color, size, shape, voltage and wattage. Certain municipalities require that the emergency lights be constructed of steel, while others permit thermoplastic emergency lights. Additionally, harsh environment and wet listed, weatherproof remote capable emergency lights are available.