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Commercial Parking Lot Light Poles

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Starting at 15 feet and ending at 25 feet to accommodate a range of parking lot sizes, all of the light poles shown have been manufactured with the highest standards of quality and durability. Every option is made of 0.18-inch-thick walls from durable steel that features a powder coating for extra protection and strength. They have been designed with ease of installation in mind as well and can be drilled directly into the ground using the 180-degree drill holes perfectly placed for a sturdy and reliable fixture.

Each light pole comes with the necessary hardware, including exceptionally strong anchor bolts of partially galvanized steel, ground lugs for electrical planning, and corresponding hex-head bolt and nut, for an easier installation process. While the most popular choice is a dark bronze finish, we do offer a few other select colors if needed. These models will not rust or chip which gives them a long-lasting visual appeal.

At Warehouse Lighting, we aim to provide you with the best in lighting options. We offer affordable prices and a wide selection of high-quality lighting solutions. If you have any questions about the exceptional products we offer or require assistance in finding the right solution for your needs, our team of lighting experts are ready to help! Call or order online today.

Finding the right amount of illumination for your outdoor space can be tricky. You want lighting that is powerful, but also long-lasting and affordable. With the use of 4-inch steel square light poles, you can easily find the right lighting for your commercial or industrial parking lot. Perfect for roadways, parking lots, and other areas in need of extra lighting at night, these 4-inch steel square light poles are an attractive and affordable way to ensure the safety and security provided by proper nighttime lighting. Our 4-inch steel square light poles feature two drill holes, each 180 degrees from each other. They€™re ideal for parking lots, roadways, and other open spaces. These light poles are mechanically cleaned, coated with a baked-on powder topcoat, and painted dark bronze.