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LED Shoebox Lights 

When looking for a reliable solution for outdoor lighting with a range of possible applications, shoebox style lights are the perfect answer. These powerful LED shoebox flood lights can be used for your outdoor application needs such as providing illumination to parking lots, streets, highways, and other important areas. They are also ideal for replacing more power-consuming metal halide and halogen fixtures thanks to the way LED fixtures operate. LED offers a higher lumen output for better brightness while operating in a more efficient manner using a lower wattage than comparable, older options. Adding a photocell to the fixture will allow the light to turn on and off with the ambient light, adding to the efficiency of this already smart solution.

Our selection of LED shoebox flood lights has everything you need to make the right purchase. With top-rated brands at the ready, such as WareLight and Mester Lighting, rest assured you can choose with confidence in your decision. We offer a wide range of specifications when shopping for shoebox flood lights as well so you always get the right outcome. For instance, choose from a range of options on matters such as wattage, rated voltage, lumens, and more. Regardless of which specifications are right for the location, we have you covered with a reliable solution.

With the overall shape of the fixture head, shoebox flood lights offer a light spread that is both concentrated and spread out thanks to how high they can be mounted without losing their powerful performance. The LED ensures a bright illumination while the shape and height help with the widespread area covered by the light. Best of all, these options are made with durability in mind so they will last for years of reliable use. Made with durable housings and rated for wet locations, these solutions will withstand exposure to the elements without added concern on your part. Order today and find the perfect answer to your outdoor lighting needs.

Frequent Asked Questions

What are LED Shoebox Lights?

Shoebox lights are typically the outdoor lights mounted on poles that are used to illuminate streets and parking lots. The name ‘shoebox’ is a reference to the size and shape of the fixture. Here some examples of shoebox light fixtures.

Where are Shoebox Lights used?

Along with roadways and parking lots, shoebox flood lights can be found illuminating sidewalks, pathways, parks and many outdoor areas. They are often mounted on poles but can be mounted directly to the side of buildings. There are several common mounting options: pole mount, yoke mount and slip fitter. Here are some typical uses of shoebox lights:

What are the different types of Shoebox Flood Lights?

Although the shape of the fixture may be similar, there are different types of shoebox flood lights. These include metal-halide, sodium-vapor and LED light sources. There are pluses and minuses to these options. LED lights may have more of an investment at first and may need additional wiring at install, but offer extremely long life and are highly energy efficient whereas traditional metal-halide and sodium-vapor lights may be less expensive to purchase, but don't last as long, often require new bulbs or ballasts and use more energy.

What are the benefits of LED Shoebox Lights?

LED Shoebox lights offer many benefits. They provide the same illumination as much more wattage-hungry metal-halide and sodium-vapor lights. They are built to handle tough, outdoor environments. They do not need time to warm up when turned on. Also, they can be fitted with a photocell sensor that turns the light on and off with the sunset and sunrise, further adding to the fixtures’ efficiency.