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A brand that has grown to international levels in less than two quick decades, there are few businesses growing as quickly as TopStar. The reason for their success comes down to a simple formula of quality products designed with superior technology, with a great price thrown in on top.

The result is a line of TopStar lighting products that deliver powerful illumination in a variety of applications, all without breaking the bank. Perfect for any application from residential to commercial to industrial, everyone can enjoy the benefits this remarkable brand brings to the industry.

We have several TopStar products to help you find the solution to your lighting needs. Check out our economical metal halide replacement ballast kits that will help you make quick restorations to your system. From fuse to mounting brackets, every piece of the package is highly durable and built to perform. You will enjoy a longer lasting lighting system that will work day in and day out without needing to be replaced. Options range from 120 to 277 volt systems, including both 250 and 400-watt setups. We have the products to ensure you can always find the proper fit for your needs! 

TopStar lighting is driven by constant innovation and will provide you with the latest technology on the market every time. From their light bulbs to their ballasts, every item is made with energy efficiency in mind. Get the lighting you expect out of your fixtures while also reducing your power bill. There is no reason to spend a premium for quality lighting, with a brand like TopStar, you can get the power you need at an affordable price.

Let us help you find the right lighting solution for your next project. If you need more information on a particular product, click on the image to get a more detailed description. Feel free to contact us if you still have questions; we will work hard to ensure you get the best possible match for your needs so you can enjoy great lighting every day.