Universal Lighting Technologies

Universal Lighting Technologies has eight decades of experience in the lighting business. Now part of the multinational Panasonic group, Universal Lighting Technologies lighting innovations continue to roll out on the market, but now with even a wider scope backed by Panasonic’s resources and global reach. Warehouse-Lighting.com offers many products from Universal Lighting Technologies at competitive prices with fast shipping and expert advice. Universal Lighting Technologies’ products include LED drivers and modules, linear fluorescent ballasts, compact fluorescent ballasts and electronic and magnetic HIDs.

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Universal-B400-HPS-5 TAP (3PK) B400-HPS-5 TAP


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Universal-B1000-HPS-5 (2PK) B1000-HPS-5

ITEM: B1000-HPS-5

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Universal-S250ML5AC4M500K (3PK) S250ML5AC4M500K


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Universal-B400-HPS-Q (3PK) B400-HPS-Q


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Universal-B100-HPS-Q (ADV 71A8071) B100-HPS-Q


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Universal-B150-HPS-Q (6PK) B150-HPS-Q


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Universal-C2642UNVME00K (10PK) C2642UNVME00K


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Universal-B1500-MH-Q (2PK) B1500-MH-Q

ITEM: B1500-MH-Q

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Universal 1500 watt magnetic metal halide ballast Muti Tap with capacitor


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Universal-B250-HPS-Q (3PK) B250-HPS-Q


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Universal-C242UNV-001 (20PK) C242UNV-001

ITEM: C242UNV-001

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Universal-B286I/277/RH-000C (6PK) B286I/277/RH-000C

ITEM: B286I/277/RH-000C

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Universal-B286I/120/RH-000C (6PK) UNIV.B286I/120/RH-000C

ITEM: UNIV.B286I/120/RH-000C

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Universal-C218UNVME00K (10PK) C218UNVME00K


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Universal-C213UNVME00K (10PK) C213UNVME00K


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Universal-B259IUNVHP-000I (10PK) B259IUNVHP-000I


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Universal-B70-HPS-Q (6PK) B70-HPS-Q


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Universal-B1000-MH-5 (2PK) B1000-MH-5

ITEM: B1000-MH-5

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Universal-B1000-MH-Q (2PK) B1000-MH-Q

Universal Ballast, MH (HID), 120/208/240/277V, 1000W, (2PK)

  • Brand: Universal Lighting Technologies
  • Purchase quantity is 2
  • Width: 5.75 inches
  • Height: 3.875 inches
  • Length: 4.25 inches
  • Min Start Temp: -20 Degree F
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Power Factor: 0.9
  • Voltage: 120/208/240/277V

ITEM: B1000-MH-Q

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Universal-B400-MH-5 (3PK) B400-MH-5

ITEM: B400-MH-5

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Universal-P350MLTAC4M500K (3PK) P350MLTAC4M500K


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Universal-B-320-MH-Q (3PK) B-320-MH-Q

ITEM: B-320-MH-Q

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The company prides itself on the efficiency of its lighting products, which it says can offer energy savings of up to 40 percent, and it puts a premium on rugged construction and reliable performance.

If you have any questions about which Universal Lighting Technologies project is right for you and your project, just ask our knowledgeable experts here at Warehouse-Lighting.com.