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Commercial Parking Lot Light Poles

Make your outdoor public spaces safer, brighter, and more efficient with high-quality, long-lasting parking lot light poles. Designed to be installed in any large, outdoor location, these fixtures offer bright illumination that can help make a space more secure and more welcoming.

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U-Mount Bracket for Floodlight with 30-foot cord WL-ACU

  • Used for Mounting fixture to wall
  • Only move up and down

Price: $18.03

6 in. Area Light Arm Square Tube Bronze AR6STBZ
  • Usually Ships 3-5 Business Days

Price: $29.43

6 in. Area Light Arm Square Tube Bronze AR6STBZ
  • Usually Ships 3-5 Business Days

Price: $29.43

Conduit Slip Fitter WS-110241
  • Usually Ships Next Day

Price: $29.98

6-in. Mounting Arm WS-109028
  • Usually Ships Next Day
  • Includes 30-in. cord

Price: $33.06

Wall Mount Bracket - Horizontal 2-3/8" Bronze

Price: $33.86

Flood Light Adjustable KnucKle 2.38 in.Tenon slip Fitter Bronze FL2.37TF270
  • Usually Ships 5-10 Business Days
  • For 22" Flood Lights

Price: $36.78

6 in. Area Light Arm Square Tube Bronze AR6STBZ
  • Usually Ships 3-5 Business Days

Price: $44.15

Twist-Lock Electronic Photocontrol 120/208/240/277V

Price: $48.07

Ground Mount Post WL-ACGM1DB
  • Usually Ships Next Day
  • Dimensions: 
    • Overall: 24-in
    • Tube: 18-in H x 2.4-in D
    • Base: 4.9-in W x 6.3-in L

Price: $56.32

Wall Mount Bracket 90 Degrees for single fixture mounted with adj slip fitter (not included) WL-ACWM4DB
  • Great for mounting a fixture with a slipfitter to the side of a building
  • Make flood lighting fixture totally angle ajustable
  • Usually Ships 1-3 Days

Price: $58.13

When it comes to running and maintaining a commercial setting, it’s important to take into account what happens when darkness falls. Many customers feel insecure and afraid walking through dark outdoor spaces and may feel less inclined to visit your business or venue if you don’t do something to brighten your outdoor space.

These parking lot light poles add bright illumination to outdoor spaces, making public areas, streets, sidewalks, and walkways more secure and welcoming. Available individually or in a combo package deal, these parking lot light poles come with accessories like slip fitters, mounting arms, wall mount brackets, and bullhorns. Perfect for use in virtually any outdoor location, these lamps are a great way to instantly increase the value of your property by making it safer and more secure for your customers and patrons.

If you need extended reach, consider purchasing parking lot light poles in longer lengths. We offer options that extend to up to 50 feet, which is perfect for larger commercial settings or settings that require bright, robust illumination for a long period of time, like sports venues or wedding establishments.

Additionally, our stock includes round and square lamp options to provide you some choice in how you want your commercial outdoor space to look. No matter what your establishment’s décor or feel may be, it’s easy to find something in our selection that blends in perfectly. From small commercial settings to large, high-traffic industrial areas, these lamps are the perfect way to brighten up dark nights and provide an increased level of safety and security for your customers and patrons. Easy to install, attractive to look at, and functional through many years of hard use, these lamps are the perfect way to make your property more welcoming and help create more business for your company.