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What Are Outdoor Flood Lights Used For?

Once you become aware of commercial outdoor flood lighting, you may be surprised at the prevalence of its usage. There are many spots that benefit from the use of commercial LED flood lights:

  • Building perimeters: Essential for workers and visitors, LED outdoor security light fixtures provide illumination that enables safe foot traffic to move from your building to your parking lot. OSHA has specific guidelines as to which areas must be illuminated.
  • Sporting Venues: Commercial flood lights have been essential to ballparks, arenas and other playing fields ever since night games came into existence.
  • Residences: Landscapers know that an outdoor flood light can bring a certain ambiance to house frontage and gardens, along with peace of mind – outdoor security lighting is a well-known deterrent for potential intruders.
  • Signs: Businesses can use an outdoor flood light to illuminate their building facade, their business name or their address to help visitors find them.

While primarily used outdoors, LED flood lighting fixtures can also be found indoors. Theaters and arenas use flood lights for many purposes before, during and after a game or performance.

Types of LED Flood Light Fixtures

Maybe you're looking for an outdoor LED security light to provide a safe area around your building or a high-lumen LED flood light to illuminate landscaping. Or, you're simply replacing flood lights that have seen better days. Whatever your needs, you'll find there are a wide variety of flood lights for sale.

flood light product examples
shoebox flood light

Outdoor LED Shoebox & Cobra Head Flood Lights

Ideal for illuminating streets, parking lots and highways, cobra head and LED shoebox lights are powerful and energy-efficient. These bright lights are ideal for replacing less productive halogen and metal halide fixtures. You can increase their efficiency by adding a photocell to the fixture. This allows the light to turn on and off as it senses the presence of ambient light.

Mini LED Flood Lights

The diminutive version of traditional outdoor flood lights, Mini LEDs are small but mighty lighting solutions that can be installed near a building entrance or business sign to light the way. It's a simple means of creating a good impression on would-be visitors. You may decide to wall-mount an LED flood light or mount the fixture on the ground.

Mini LED Flood Lights
LED Stadium Flood Lights

LED Stadium Flood Lights

If you're in charge of a sporting venue, you already know the importance of LED stadium lights. These fixtures are available in many different sizes to accommodate the acreage of your stadium or ballpark. Like all outdoor flood lights, stadium LED light fixtures can operate in any weather conditions and are not affected by the temperature. Plus, you'll enjoy energy savings because LED lighting costs less to operate.

LED Landscape Flood Lights

Specially designed to provide long-lasting, efficient landscape lighting, these bright flood lights provide plenty of illumination to any outdoor space. Housed in fixtures that feature durable construction, LED flood light bulbs are a long-lasting lighting solution. As with all LED bulbs, LED landscape flood lights require less time to warm up and supply better visibility. For business or residential applications, LED landscape flood lights are the ideal choice.

LED Landscape Flood Lights
LED Colored Flood Lights

LED Colored Flood Lights

These decorative flood lights project a colored beam of light onto a wall, building or other object. You'll find them just about anywhere, from retail shopping centers to industrial parks to recreational facilities. Most colored flood lights are red, blue, amber or green. Versatile mounting options include pole-mounted or wall-mounted flood lights – or you can mount the fixture on the ground.

What to Look for When Buying an Outdoor Flood Light

There are several factors to consider before you secure your LED flood lights. Scope out the area where your lights will be installed and determine your needs based on answers to the following questions:

  • How large an area are you illuminating?
  • What are the mounting options — will they be attached to poles or are you using ground- or wall-mounted outdoor LED flood lights?
  • Where is the electrical source?
  • How many fixtures will I need?
  • Do any existing fixtures need to be converted to LEDs?
  • What do I need to know if I'm installing roadway lighting?

When shopping for outdoor flood light fixtures, confirm that the watts/lumens/volts are sufficient for your needs. Also, read product descriptions carefully to ensure the floodlights you're buying are powerful enough to handle the task at hand and durable enough to withstand the elements.

LED Flood Lights: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are LED Flood Lights Better Than Other Kinds?

With a higher lumen output and lower wattage consumption, LED lamps are much more efficient than older halogen or metal halide fixtures. LED flood light bulbs supply powerful performance with lower energy costs. As a bonus, LED bulbs can last up to three times longer, saving you money on the maintenance costs and manpower required to replace lamps frequently.

What's the Difference Between Spotlights and LED Flood Lighting Fixtures?

A spotlight will focus a narrow beam of area, lighting to a maximum of 45 degrees. Bright flood lights illuminate larger areas with a beam spread that reaches up to 120 degrees.

What Is a Flood Light Coverage Chart?

This chart was developed to help you determine approximately how much light coverage you'll need for your space:

LED Flood Light Coverage:

Watts Lumens Area Size
15 1,663 Doorways or Foot Paths
30 3,720 Doorways or Foot Paths
50 6,180 Driveways or Small Yards
80 10,340 Driveways or Small Yards
100 13,500 Roadways or Parking Lots
150 20,250 Roadways or Parking Lots
230 31,050 Roadways or Parking Lots
300 40,500 Roadways or Parking Lots
400 50,200 Highways or Airports

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