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Outdoor LED Flood Lights 

When planning the lighting for any commercial space, outdoor fixtures are just as crucial as the indoor lighting solutions for a few reasons. For starters, outdoor flood lights provide extra lighting for safety and security purposes. Mini flood lights can also be used to highlight a particular area such as an entrance or a larger business sign. With the use of our selection of outdoor mini flood lights, you can make sure the outside of your business is just as impressive as the inside in terms of illumination and visibility.

About LED Flood Lights

We offer a range of options for LED mini flood lights utilizing the latest in LED technology. With these high-quality LED fixtures, you get the long-lasting burn times of an LED fixture combined with the durable construction expected of any outdoor lighting product. In addition to their durable nature, LED lighting options offer impressive value with their longer burn times, lower temperatures, energy conserving methods, and reliable output. Best of all, we offer all the diversity you need when shopping for this important addition to your lighting plan.

Choose from a range of wattage and voltage choices as well as lumen outputs to find the perfect mini flood lights for your needs. We also offer our mini LED flood lights in ranges of 2100K to 5000K color temperatures for added versatility and your choice of bronze or white body finish in select models. These high-quality solutions are made to last with durable housings, LED lamps capable of lasting for years of near-constant use, and wet ratings for outdoor use. In fact, most of these solutions come backed by lengthy warranties of up to 7 years in select models. Order today and make the most of your outdoor lighting plan with these smaller solutions.

Typical Mounting Options:

  • Trunnion aka U-bracket
  • 1/2 Pipe Knuckle
  • 2 3/8th slip fitter

Please contact us with any questions. We are always happy to assist our valued customers while shopping our wide selection of affordable choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mini Flood Lights?

Mini flood lights are small outdoor lights used to highlight objects or illuminate smaller areas compared to larger flood lights. They are used with a variety of mounting options that allow them to be mounted on the ground level or higher up on a pole or a wall. They are typically wet listed due to the fact that they are used outdoors.

Where are Mini Flood Lights used?

Mini LED flood lights are used to illuminate pathways, flag poles, building entrances and facades, statues, signs, loading docks, alleys and landscapes.

What are the different types of Mini Flood Lights?

Mini outdoor flood lights have a range of light beam angles that are utilized depending on what is being illuminated. A narrow beam can be used to illuminate an object or smaller area while a wide beam can used to illuminate a larger area or a wall.

Standard mounting options for outdoor mini flood lights include trunnions, pipe knuckles and slip fitters which can be used to mount these fixtures on the ground, on walls or on poles, depending on the application.