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The High Bay (HB) Occupancy Sensor Modules (sold separately) require one of four available lenses to operate: the HBL1, HBL1M, HBL3 or HBL4. Each Fresnel lens is designed for a different application, allowing for use at different mounting heights and locations. Each HB sensor lens snapmounts to any module, and can be interchanged by simply un-snapping and re-snapping the ideal lens for the particular application. They can also be repositioned 90��_ on the sensor.

The HBL1 Lens offers linear patterns best suited for high bay aisleway applications. The Fresnel lens is designed to detect walking motion when mounted at or around 40��_. In optimal conditions, the lens has a 60��_ linear detection range. Identical to the HBL1, the HBL1M comes with opaque adhesive tape applied to the interior of the lens, cutting off 1/2 of the coverage pattern. This customized coverage is ideal for the beginning of aisle ways where cross traffic could be an issue.

The HBL3 Lens offers 360��_ coverage and is best suited for open area and aisleway coverage in high bay applications. The HBL3 is a multi-cell, multitier Fresnel lens offering a high density coverage pattern that spreads over a 24��_ diameter area at a height of 20��_.

Similar to the HBL3 Lens, the HBL4 offers 360��_ coverage, and is best suited for open areas and aisleways in high bay applications. The HBL4 is a multi-cell, multi-tier Fresnel lens offering a high density coverage pattern.The HBL4 is designed for mounting at heights between 20��_ to 40��_, with a coverage area up to 68��_ in diameter when mounted at 40��_.

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What type of occupancy sensor is best suited for use in separate units of a self storage facility? The ceilings are all 12 feet high but the units vary in size from 6 x 12, which is the smallest to 16 x 48, which is the largest. The sensor would simply be used to turn the units light on and off when entering or exiting. I would prefer a ceiling mounted sensor as it would be less resistant to damage and tampering, but would consider other options. Any input would be appreciated.
JDC October 12, 2014 11:43 AM
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These would dependently work but may also be overkill for your application if it was me i would use a wall switch sensor so you could over ride if need be... here is a link http://www.warehouse-lighting.com/store/p/5737-Push-Button-Automatic-Control-Switch.aspx
October 14, 2014 12:40 PM

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