7 Tips to Maximize LED Retrofits

7 Tips to Maximize LED Retrofits

When you retrofit a fixture to LED lamps, you save yourself on the cost of a new fixture while updating lighting considerably. If you have taken the time to retrofit, you may think you are done and can simply reap the benefits of LED. However, there are a few tips to maximize LED retrofits to their full potential.

1. Consider reasons for the retrofit

There are a lot of reasons to retrofit fixtures to LED lamps. You should carefully consider why you want to make the switch because it can help you maximize the retrofit potential. For example, if you are switching to LED to up the lumens in a space, you should consider how retrofitting more than one fixture will affect the space. If you are changing LED for the fact that they operate on a lower wattage of energy consumed, you should keep in mind lumens in the space even though that wasn't your main objective for the switch. It is always important to look at a retrofit from every possible angle as to how it will impact the space and overall lighting plan.

2. Install timers

One of the best tips to maximize LED retrofits is to install timers to the fixture. The timers will help you make the most of the fixture by turning it on or off at a set time of day. This can be ideal for locations such as commercial or warehouse settings where the lights aren't needed 24 hours a day.

3. Install occupancy sensors

Another great way to make the most of your LED retrofitted fixture is to install occupancy sensors. These sensors will only turn the fixture on when someone is in the room and will turn it off when the room isn't occupied. Since so many people retrofit to LED for the utility saving potential, installing sensors ensures you reach those savings instead of wasting electricity.

4. Stay on top of any maintenance

Another reason people switch to LED is because they are pretty low key as far as maintenance compared to other fixture options. This doesn't mean you can install them and forget them entirely. You should still take the time to keep the lamps clean and dust-free with a quick, easy wipe down of a towel. People choose LED lamps because they are so bright, and you don't want a layer of dust collecting on the lamps to dim them.

5. Consider adjacent fixtures

When you retrofit to LED, you should do it in all the fixtures in the space, even if you do a few at a time. If you have one fixture in the space with LED while the others are still older lamps, you are putting your space at a disadvantage. You can make the most of the retrofitted fixture by either updating any surrounding fixtures to LED as well or reducing the use of the other fixtures so the LED is the main source of illumination. If you are unable to reduce the use of the non-LED fixtures due to lumen needs, you should at least take time to match the color temperature of the two fixtures so they don't clash.

6. Perform a lighting audit

You can also make the most of your new retrofitted fixtures by performing a lighting audit. This will give you a better idea of how many lumens are in the space with the new LED lamps so you can make any necessary adjustments. This will tell you if you need more lumens than you need because LED offers higher lumen which may be a concern in a smaller space.

7. Install reflectors

Finally, a great way to make the most of your new LED retrofitted fixture is to install reflectors. Reflectors help push the light down to the floor for a more concentrated light source. This is useful in any setting but is especially useful when working with larger spaces.

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