A Reason To Use Caution When Buying LED Fixtures

A Reason To Use Caution When Buying LED Fixtures

CAUTION! When buying LED lighting fixtures from companies here in the US and abroad, watch out for companies that misrepresent the efficacy (lumens per watt) of their fixtures. In the example below, note how the lumen output on the manufacturer’s website is exaggerated by 43% versus what they are actually producing (based on testing by the independent DLC Design Lights Consortium).

Their Company’s website reports a completely different story of how their products perform:

This misreported product performance happened on every one of the products we reviewed (versus the DLC Listing used to rank all LED lighting fixtures). The DLC listing is critical because it is typically the qualifying factor for energy rebates. Here is a second one to show the consistency in misreporting their performance. Company spec sheet shows:

The Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Lighting Database Shows tested data for performance at:

Make sure when researching your LED lighting fixtures that the supplier can back up their claims of performance!